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Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate


  • Character: Princess Peach Toadstool 
  • Fandom: Super Mario Bros.
  • Reason for Being Hated: Getting kidnapped all the time, not being an action girl, her game (Super Princess Peach) was bashed on for her using her emotions but her emotions gave her powers and she was the only character in control of her emotions.

Sept. 30, 2014: Ditzy personality, annoying voice, cheats at Mario Party whenever she’s an AI player.

>Getting Kidnapped all the time
Does it really have to go to say? Her getting kidnapped was the driving force for mario going on his adventures. And while it’s easy to poke fun at how weak her castle is and how easy bowser gets to her; remember that you wouldn’t really have a mario game without that quest. Further, this doesn’t even take into account that the characters are basically actors in a stageplay, so the entire reasoning for the kidnapping is for the show itself.

>Not being an action girl
So you need to be an action girl to be a good female character? Doesn’t that kind of reek of shaming? Not every character needs to be an active go getter, it would be like saying that male characters are bad because they’re beefy action men instead of dapper intellectuals like Professor Layton.

>her game (Super Princess Peach) was bashed on for her using her emotions but her emotions gave her powers and she was the only character in control of her emotions.
This answers itself.

>Ditzy personality
Go play the paper mario series and the mario and luigi series before you make sweeping generalizations about how a character lacks deep characterization from games that don’t really characterize any of their characters past the basic level.

>annoying voice
I can understand that one would find the shrill voice a bit annoying, but that doesn’t make the character bad.

>cheats at Mario Party whenever she’s an AI player.
All the characters do that. Are we now going to hate every mario party character for cheating when they’re AI?

Defense Of Cosmo (Fairly OddParents)

Welp, I’m back and this time I’m defending Cosmo. Now, Cosmo’s one of my favorite characters on the show and I find him hilarious. SO LET THE DEFENSE COMMENCE! 

  • Annoying voice

I’m pretty sure I went over this in my defense of Sparky. But oh well, I’ll do it again. So, what exactly is so annoying about his voice? Everyone has a different opinion on what’s annoying and what’s not annoying. I think his voice is just fine.

  • Became stupid

Cosmo’s been stupid ever since the show started. He was probably a bit smarter in the earlier seasons but he was still stupid. 

  •  Just not as funny as before or even not funny at all and plain out stale

I highly disagree. I still find Cosmo hilarious. In fact, sometimes when an episode isn’t very good, Cosmo manages to make it a bit better. I’m not saying all of Cosmo’s jokes are funny, because they aren’t, but I’d say the majority are. At least for me. 

  • Not as caring to Wanda as in the earlier seasons

Okay, I’ll admit it. Their relationship isn’t as good as it was in the earlier seasons. However, it’s still much better than it was in Season 5. And this is partly Wanda’s fault as well, seeing as how she treats Cosmo. 

Welp, that’s it for now. I’ll be back whenever another FOP character gets submitted. 


  • Character: Princess Peach Toadstool 
  • Fandom: Super Mario Bros.
  • Reason for Being Hated: Getting kidnapped all the time, not being an action girl, her game (Super Princess Peach) was bashed on for her using her emotions but her emotions gave her powers and she was the only character in control of her emotions.

Sept. 30, 2014: Ditzy personality, annoying voice, cheats at Mario Party whenever she’s an AI player.

Historical Domain Characters, Predictability and Accuracy Not Included: Defending Jaune Arc of RWBY

"The name's Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Ladies love it."

I may be late with this, but better late than never to address the small (but nonetheless unwarranted) hatedom aimed towards the beta team leader of Rooster Teeth’s RWBY, the monster slaying series quite possibly known as the most badass web animation to have ever been produced (if not known as America’s Only Other Anime-styled Show). But then again, the folks engaging in this hatedom aren’t just some other demographic. The folks engaging in this hatedom are none other than the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), AKA a movement of hypocrites who rather than promote understanding only promote ignorance and arrogant self-righteousness.

I’d rather not just sit by and watch this bunch spread their filth. I don’t want anyone else falling for their ignorance. So, if you may, allow me to debunk their claims and shed some light on their minds.

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Defense of Yuya Sakaki (Yugioh Arc-V)

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Let’s us stop this Arc-V hate starting with this hot adorkable boy…

Crybaby - Is it wrong to cry? Do characters 13 years old below are the only ones to cry in anime? People cry sometimes whether you’re young or old that’s called being human. He lost his pendulum when he was a child, now his dad disappeared from out of nowhere causing him to be traumatized, and now his precious Odd Eyes got pummeled by Sora Shiunin and you hate him coz he cries all the time when the events happened? You must have no heart to hate a person who cries a lot either that you’re in the wrong anime.

Acts likes a fool - So you hate him coz he acts like a clumsy idiot or being a clown. Shut up! The reason why he does this is because aYoko Sakaki(Yuya’s mom) had stated, Yuya acts like a fool merely to beat people to insulting him about his father disappearing. In other words don’t call him a coward just like his dad or remind him of his father, and laugh with or at him as he was the one to make your frown upside down and be happy. Don’t hate him just for that. Also Yuya isn’t a fool always he sometimes duel seriously but not forgetting that he entertains people with his duels just to bring smiles.

Less confident than other Yugioh protagonists - Sure yeah he is less confident (due to Shingo and Reiji doing a Pendulum Summon) but that doesn’t mean you can hate him. All other YGO protagonists have good and bad traits then get better. Yugi’s friendship even giving his life for it, Yami/Atemu’s pride, Jaden/Judai’s love for dueling despite what happens to his life, Yusei’s guilt over the Zero Reverse but screws fate anyway, Yuma’s never giving up kattobingu spirit despite his dueling screwups. They get better in the end and I’m sure Yuya will get better and improve himself.

Laughs and smiles like a weirdo to ease his fears -  Remember what his Yusho Sakaki said…

So blame him or otherwise take his advice. Not everyone needs to be gloomy sometimes you just gotta have fun and be happy. Sure it’s a strange thing to laugh and smile at other people and sometimes you will get depressed and want to cry but just get over with it that is also called being human. Besides…

Or are you afraid of Yuya’s nightmarish slasher forced smile with that last pic, if it scares you just laugh and get over with it. Besides it’s funny seriously do you want Yuya to be an emo, unfun no personality, loner duelist than a fun and energetic one who brings smiles? Stop hatin!

Always hiding his emotional despair with his goggles -  Yes Yuya has a habit of putting his goggles over his eyes when he is either upset or embarrassed. But sometimes he isn’t, he’s also shown to use his goggles to perform entertainment in his duels just watch his first duel with Reiji and Eita.

He only wants pendulum summoning to himself and not by anyone else because that makes him feel special or unique since he created this method of summoning -

All right here is the biggest factor that everyone from the show and us watching Arc V acknowledges. Yes he created a new method of summoning from out of nowhere, yes he is saddened that Shingo, Reiji and to the further extent as the series progresses everyone can pendulum summon just as him. But that doesn’t mean you can hate him for that! Look at Episode 2 everyone wants to learn pendulum summoning from him and he gladly accepts to show it to everyone he is not that greedy and stubborn, Even Tatsuya, Futoshi, and Ayu still wants to learn pendulum summoning despite it comes out of nowhere. Besides if you did something unique and special and someone tries to steal that uniqueness wouldn’t you feel the same thing as Yuya? Also if you steal something unique from other people even your friends without their consent and permission you are happy with that right? yes? WRONG! You will feel entirely guilty for what you’ve did you made them sad because of what you did. And that is why it’s totally nonsense to hate him for being unique if you are trying to be unique yourself. Also after the Shuzou vs Yuya duel… he finally got over with it and he now will learn to Fusion, Synchro, and XYZ summons as the series progresses.

Please don’t hate this guy. He just lost his dad for goddamn sake he is traumatized by that and we need to feel sorry for him and support him throughout the show just like his friends. If your heroic idol mom/dad got missing through all those years you will feel the same thing as him… You have no heart to hate him! PLEASE STOP!

In Defence of the Mighty Sunfighter; Gao Mikado (FutureCard Buddyfight)

Alright, I’m a fan of Buddyfight and Vanguard and I have to say that I’m sick and tired of the fandom complaining about Gao. So to start things off I just want to say that WINNING is an awful reason for you to hate a character.

Now onto the defence!

Cocky and arrogant during the past:

Thanks for pointing out the obvious which happened in the PAST. Sadly the anime is not focused on the past and Gao is anything but cocky and arrogant in the present. I find this pointless to even point out because he doesn’t even act like this anymore. May I remind you that he is 12 and when have you not met cocky and arrogant people in real life? It happens to boys and girls at any age, if you happen to be naturally good at something then it the recognition can get to your head. For the record, Gao actually acknowledges everyone’s skills and even admits to some of his wins as being lucky for him. He even admires Noboru’s skill even though Noboru was a total whiny asshole to him in the beginning! And who changed Nobaru’s character? It was Gao thank you very much.

Too loud

He’s a passionate person and isn’t afraid to express it. He’s loud when he’s happy but when the situation calls for it he gets serious. Don’t tell me you have never been loud in your life or aren’t friends with loud people in general. If that’s the case you might as well hate the entire world.

Born lucky

Again thanks for the obvious that even the characters in the show kept bashing him in the beginning because they thought Gao was too lucky. Ever thought that he’s just naturally good at buddyfight? Even Tasuku was referred to as a prodigy in Buddyfight for his natural skills in buddyfight as well as being the youngest buddyfight police officer. But I don’t see Tasuku getting any hate.  Gao is observant and a quick learner and learns from his mistakes which is how he’s able to win his matches.

Unconventional instincts

So you’re saying that his instincts aren’t normal. So I guess in the beginning episode when Gao saved Kiri from bullies isn’t a normal thing to do. Or how he tries to help everyone to do their best? No, you must be talking about his unrealistic winning streaks. Again this is frustrating to no end, how is it right for someone to hate someone for being naturally good at something? It’s like calling a prodigy a “Gary-Stu” because their talents are too perfect and unrealistic when it does happen in reality.  Bushiroad was doing something different in Buddyfight than in Vanguard. We had Aichi who had character development but when they decide to bring a new character that is confident and talented, he gets all the hate.

Beats Tasuku during his debut to buddyfighting, and since then he constantly wins and has yet to be defeated (even if he doesn’t care about winning anymore due to injuring an opponent or using a different deck whether magic or dungeon world etc.).

Did everyone forget that Aichi won his first match against Kai in Vanguard? I don’t see a hate post for Aichi. So why does Gao get one? We might as well throw in every Yu-Gi-Oh protagonist in here as well because they all have won their first matches as well. And don’t forget Yusei from 5D’s, his only loss was in a flashback.

Final Thoughts:

Are you for real though? I thought people were going to use the excuse that losing gives character development. But you just answered it by saying the truth. Gao truly doesn’t care if he wins or loses, he plays for fun. If anything Drum would’ve been upset over a loss. If it wasn’t for Gao none of the characters wouldn’t have gotten character development, Noboru would still be an asshole, Kiri would still feel miserable about being weak, Jin would keep losing matches on purpose and Tasuku wouldn’t have a friend or rival anymore. Even Rouga is getting character development again from Gao’s influence.

I am tired of this whole you must lose to gain character development nonsense and don’t get me started on Gao didn’t get any character development because he did. While you claim he didn’t get any it’s again, because he’s a character who is quick to fix his mistakes it’s not going to be the same as the other characters.  

Defending Kagome’s Friends

 I’m.. Kind of shocked. Why on earth are these girls here? I never knew the fandom didn’t like them, or even had strong opinions on the characters at all. They really are just there for Kagome to bounce off of and talk to. Each has a different personality so Kagome can get different perspectives but.. Are they really prominent enough to be hated? 

  “Disregarding Kagome’s personal space” or “too curious about their friend,”

 Um.. How so? Friends care about their friends and Kagome (from a standpoint of someone who didn’t know about her crazy adventures) would seem like someone in need of help. Think about it from their point of view. The girl misses class more than she attends, constantly says she is sick with one thing or another, and talks about having two thuggish boys fighting over her attention. Would a normal person not be worried about Kagome? They would be pretty crappy friends if they didn’t care at all, and it’s not as though they stalk her. They simply offer advice and generally want to know how she’s doing. It’s what friends do.


 Subjective. I don’t see this at all. In fact, I thought the real life episodes were often more fun than some of the filler in the feudal era. 

 bad character designs and personality

 Their personalities are fairly unique from one another if you spend time watching episodes they appear in, and they are just regular schoolgirls. They don’t’ exactly have tragic pasts or much gloominess to them. They’re generally optimistic and helpful. 

 As for design.. Well.. Rumiko Takahashi isn’t known for making too many unique character designs in the ‘normal’ range. If it’s not off the walls crazy characters, her regular folk tend to look alike. They may have same-face syndrome but at least you can tell them apart right away from hair design. 


 Comic relief. There. Also, a grounding force for Kagome much like her family. It gives her a reason to return to the normal time.

Defending his Groosefulness, Groose

Groose is my favourite character in Skyward Sword, and it’s not just because of his amazing hair.

He’s a Gaston-like self loving bully who mistreats Link, because he has a crush on Zelda and hates the fact that Link and Zelda are friends (and people say the Love Triangle with Link, Zelda, and Cia in Hyrule Warriors is ridiculous). Birdnaps Link’s Crimson Loftwing to sabotage Links chances at graduating at the Wing Ceremony. Nearly gets Link killed during the Wing Ceremony by constantly throwing things at him mid flight. He claims he loves Zelda yet when she gets kidnapped does absolutely nothing to try and help her

I can answer all of these points here. And that is to agree, that yeah, he was a massive jerk at the start of the game. But then he undergoes character development when he comes down to the land. He decides that despite not being brave or strong enough to go save Zelda himself, he decides to help at the Sealed Grounds. He even teams up with you to reseal The Imprisoned with his weapon, The Groosenator.

So despite starting unlikeable, he becomes so much better. So if you don’t like him, just keep on playing through Skyward Sword, he becomes as big of a help as Fi and Impa along the line.

  • Character: Cosmo
  • Fandom: The Fairly OddParents
  • Reason for Being Hated: People hate him for his annoying voice, became stupid, just not as funny as before or even not funny at all and plain out stale. He went downhill in season 5 and it’s not as caring to Wanda as in the early seasons (Note from submitter: which I hate to admit I kinda do agree).
  • Character: Ned Flanders
  • Fandom: The Simpsons
  • Reason for Being Hated: Too much of a goody two-shoes, overly religious, annoying, forces religion down people’s throats, is the reason why the term “Flanderization" exists.
  • Character: Yuya Sakaki
  • Fandom: Yugioh Arc-V
  • Reason for Being Hated: Crybaby, acts like a fool, less confident than other Yugioh protagonists, laughs and smiles like a weirdo to ease his fears, always hiding his emotional despair with his goggles, he only wants pendulum summoning to himself and not by anyone else because that makes him feel special or unique since he created this method of summoning.
  • Character: Gao Mikado
  • Fandom: Future Card Buddyfight
  • Reason for Being Hated: Cocky and arrogant during the past, too loud, born lucky, unconventional instincts, beats Tasuku during his debut to buddyfighting, and since then he constantly wins and has yet to be defeated (even if he doesn’t care about winning anymore due to injuring an opponent or using a different deck whether magic or dungeon world etc.).
  • Character: Yaone
  • Fandom: Saiyuki
  • Reason for Being Hated: Weak, useless, cannot fight for herself, gets in the way of Gojyo/Hakkai, Dokugakuji/Kougaiji.

New Content

After reading your suggestions for new things that I could do on this blog, I’ve decided to finally allow old posts to be edited to include new reasons. However, if you want a post to be edited, you must include a link (which you can do in fanmail or the submit box) to the post in question. That’ll save me a lot of time!

Is there something in a fandom(s) and their treatment of certain characters that you want to discuss? Then feel free to submit a post/video/whatever talking about it! Here’s an example to spark some inspiration. I’ve always allowed this, but this is so any new followers know.

As for the “Fuck Yeah, Controversial Scenes” spin-off, I’m not sure if I have enough time to run a FYCC spin-off (or at least one with a regular schedule like this one has). But if someone wants to revive it, I definitely don’t mind and I’ll promote it on here. There’s also some other spin-off blogs that are pretty awesome:

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And, speaking of blogs, if you’ve ever wanted to get to know me better on a somewhat more personal level (for whatever weird reason), I just made a personal blog. "My Classmate, The Grim Reaper" talks about my attempts to deal with clinical depression while being a PhD student. It also allows other people to talk about their experiences of dealing with depression/mental illness in academia. There’s not much on it now, but there’ll be more as life goes on.


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