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Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate

Anonymous asked: If Integra Hellsing is submitted for getting in the way of shipping, I su-wear

She’s in the inbox and she gets in the way of a ship…

In Defense of Talisa Maegyr/Stark

Fandom: Game of Thrones (This is a defense ONLY for Talisa, not Jeyne Westerling from the books)

A different character from the books: Book readers and show watchers look for VERY DIFFERENT THINGS. Most of the time people who are watching a tv show such as this are looking for something romantic. People you can invest your feelings in, and what tugged at your feelings more than the relationship between Robb and Talisa.

In the show she is a Lannister spy who constantly lies to Robb: Since it was never mentioned in the show wether or not she was a spy, this is just a fan theory. In my honest opinion, I do not believe that she was a spy for a second. It does seem a bit redundant that the Starks would be betrayed by Roose Bolton AND their queen. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure a spy wouldn’t get knocked up with the enemy’s child and then be murdered by the ones she serves. Just seems kinda fishy to me.

Pretty much, Talisa is only hated because people don’t agree that she is different from in the books. If that is the case, you have to hate Jorah, Ros, Dario, Shae, Gendry, Doreah (well people kinda hate her anyway but still), and even Tyrion. So just because a character has been changed to better fit the format of the show/movie doesn’t exactly count as a valid reason for hate.

Anonymous asked: I won't be surprised if Samus's new high heels from ssbb manages to get here

I wouldn’t be surprised either.

Anonymous asked: Character: Fedora Fandom: Hats/Clothing/Apparel Reasons for being Hated: Being symbolic of the "Nice Guy"(often confused with Trillbys), turning reasonable guys into absolute dicks, being unacceptable for being worn with anything except a suit, being associated with My Little Pony.

*puts fedora on upside down*

It’s a metaphor, you see. You put the thing that makes you a “Nice Guy” right on your head, but you never give it the power to turn you into a dick who disrespects women and feels like they all owe him sex just because he’s so “nice.”

I’m so sorry.

Anonymous asked: lol there are characters on here i never would've imagined as being controversial. anyways, has anyone wrote a defense for sosuke aizen from bleach?

He hasn’t been on this blog yet.

2ndpokemaster asked: Can you do a defends for Illuminata from RF4? Or could I submit one? Because I have a REALLY good one in mind!

She hasn’t appeared on this blog yet, but if you or someone else submits a post for her then someone can do a defense :)

Anonymous asked: Character: Wendy's Girl Fandom: Wendy's commercials Reason for Being Hated: Annoying, shrill, smug, obsessed with eating at Wendy's, the actress is not a natural redhead, bully, is too thin for someone who eats so many burgers, makes everything about Wendy's no matter how irrelevant (like buying furniture or watching a movie.) Is classist and encourages obesity because in a lot of the commercials she encourages people to throw out their packed lunch and buy Wendy's instead.

I’m surprised “getting in the way of Ronald McDonald/The Burger King” isn’t a reason.

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From the inbox

To the anon who mentioned difficult to defend characters, you really need to look at how their being annoying, dumb, or jerks fits in with the rest of their character. Spongebob is a good example of this. In the earlier seasons, he was naïve to the point of being gullible and annoying, but when he really messed up he was punished for it and learned from that mistake. And other times when he ended up antagonizing someone, it was usually because they had done something to deserve it, such as try and take advantage of him. A character like that is worth defending. Now in more recent seasons, he’s really just annoying for the sake of being annoying. He antagonizes people who did nothing to deserve being bothered, creepily stalks other characters, and is almost never punished for his crueler mistakes. The more recent takes on Patrick fit this bill too, and characters like that really aren’t worth defending because they’re poorly written and have been stripped of any redeeming qualities they once had.

— eunnieverse
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Anonymous asked: It's so difficult to defend characters who are intentionally jerks/annoying/dumb/etc for the sake of comedy (like Bloo from Foster's or Deedee from Dexter's Lab or Luanne from KOTH). Because all you can really say is "Yeah, all those things you said were true...but that's the point! It's funny!"

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the-esteemed-togami asked: Have you done Shinji Ikari yet?


herd u were talkin’ shit about Kasen (Defense of Kasen Ibaraki)

  • Character: Kasen Ibaraki
  • Fandom: Touhou Project
  • Reason for Being Hated: Poorly written, sticks her nose into people’s business, gets along fine with at least one shinigami despite being a hermit, considered by some to be a Mary Sue, good at solving problems despite not being a main character, makes the main characters look like ‘incompetent idiots’ in comparison. 

Poorly Written: No more or less so than anyone else. This is so vague it doesn’t really warrant an answer.

Sticks her nose into people’s business: This does not make a poorly written character — it makes a trait. Yes, she does this, because she’s actually a person who uses knowledge to figure things out instead of the weird hit-or-miss intuition that the main characters do. Sure, the MCs always get the target in the end, but Kasen seems to gather information and think and plan. These are two totally different approaches to problems.

Gets along with a shinigami: No, she doesn’t. Komachi (said shinigami) really does not like her, to the point of threatening her, and only sticks around her because she is supposed to keep watch over Kasen for reasons we don’t yet know. Kasen isn’t so keen on her, either, but has a calm demeanor and deals with it. Komachi is arguably one of the most chill people in the entire series, and possibly if it were another shinigami instead of her, things wouldn’t be as calm as they are. But it’s not as if Kasen is buddies with her. Also, Komachi is not a reaper and cannot actually attack people for the sake of taking their souls, as seen in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, so she can’t actually retrieve Kasen even if she wants to.

Good at solving problems: …How is this a flaw? It’s kind of silly if the main characters are the only two people out of over a hundred mentioned characters who can actually get anything done. The youkai in Touhou are often probably way, way, way older than the MCs and more experienced, and hermits have the same biological immortality. The series would suffer if *no one* else could solve problems than the games’ main characters, because behavior like Kasen’s fleshes out the universe.

Makes the MCs look incompetent: Well, as mentioned above, Kasen is actually thinking. Through every single game, the MCs are just poking at the world and hoping their enemies show up; most of the people they fight are totally irrelevant or at best tangential to the incident at hand. They solve problems by some abstract intuition; Kasen solves them by actually thinking about them. Both of these are rather effective, but it’s no wonder Kasen makes the MCs look incompetent, and it’s not a character flaw, it’s Kasen being a Real Adult and getting things done the way Real Adults do.

Okay, okay, I’ll deal with the Mary Sue bit, which normally is just a stupid comment to make, but it might actually be kind of true here at first glance.

Kasen’s powers include a huge array of Very Special Things: a youkai-magic artificial arm, hermit arts, polymorphing, destroying spirits, communicating with and taming animals, light magic, abnormally fast motion (teleportation? Unsure.), connecting distant locations. Note that teleporting/warping is very uncommon in Touhou. *Also* she is suspected of being an oni due to the origin of her name (Ibaraki) and the fact that she is called “horned” and has two hair bun covers that could be hiding horns on her head (which oni have). This is quite a layout, but in a universe with a near-omnipotent boundary youkai, permanent immortals, so on and so forth…this honestly isn’t that amazing. None of her powers are utterly broken; it’s that she has a lot of strange powers. Really, she fits in with the fact that most people in Touhou are OP as hell.

A short defense for Amber!

Depending on how far you’ve gotten in Rune Factory 4 I’d like to warn you that HERE THERE BE SPOILERS

Mihari here again because god I love Rune Factory, especially 4 and most if not all of its characters. So I hope once you read this defense I hope you’ll realize Amber isn’t as bad as you may think and may even come to like her when it comes to the two arguments that aren’t subjective.

  • Annoying personality

This is completely subjective! A bubbly and happy personality does not necessarily equal annoying!

  • looks way too young to get married/obligatory loli

Oh boy, and here we have what I like to refer to as “the nowi argument” (fire emblem fans know what I’m talking about.)

First of all, you need to remember that Amber is a guardian. Meaning that she was sealed away for decades if not more to keep Ventuswill from dying. So it’s another one of the cases of “she’s a LOT younger than she looks”, and before you say shes the only one keep in mind she was the last guardian to give themselves up for Venti. Leon, Dylas, and Dolce suffer from the same “older than they look” syndrome!

As for the whole obligatory loli, why is she the only one getting hate for it? There are tons of other bachelorettes in the RF series that look like little girls and yet people love them or are just indifferent! Not to mention a petite figure and playful/innocent personality doesn’t always mean they’re a child.

  • has an irritating voice

Also subjective, just because you find it irritating doesn’t make her a bad character. Not to mention you don’t HAVE to keep the volume on when you talk to her.

  • Can be married but Illuminata can’t.

So Amber’s a bad character because the game doesn’t cater to specifically YOUR needs? Truly your knowledge, understanding, and logic are the equivalent of a Harvard graduate! I know Illuminata is a great character and very pretty, but just because you can marry someone she lives with and not her doesn’t make the person she lives with a horrible person!

Anonymous asked: I'm not sure if people realized this when I submitted her, but I ACTUALLY LIKE LAVENDER! She's one of my favorite characters! Every reason I put down for her was something I have overheard the fandom say about her, not my actual opinions. And I don't agree with slut-shaming either, again,that was something the fandom said about her. I should have mentioned this in the submission. I assumed I didn't have to because I thought that it was implied that you liked them if you submitted them. Sorry!

Yeah, the reaction is quite weird since I mention on two pages that this blog isn’t about hating on characters.

Defending Cheese! (Foster’s Home from Imaginary Friends)

Finally! I can Defend one of my favorite characters (well next to Pinkie Pie, Ed, Billy and Bubbles.)… CheeseI'm Defending Cheese and No one is gonna stop me!

Now before you get all get angry at me… please hear me out, cause your instinct says to rant, yell and scream.

i know people hate bendy and goofball (Characters) and I Only have a Surprise for You (Episode) from FHFIF Cause of their BIG HUGE PROBLEMS… but do you have to criticize cheese!? let’s get to the defending here. here’s the criticizing points you pointed:

1: “Cheese started off as a popular character, but fans started to dislike him because of how “annoying” they felt he was”

My Counterpoint:

Okay, i get that people love him when he debuted and started to lose it’s luster a few episodes later, but, to be honest… i don’t mind it. in truth, cheese got some good moments, like from the debut episode, anyway, all i’m saying is that cheese can be honest and have sympathy (take a look at FHFIF: Project SX), and have a childlike personality (like Pinkie Pie), If Your Fans of Cheese, Thanks for Giving Him Love…

Now to Those Haters who Hate Cheese…. You’ll become a Brother lady!

and 2: him being an overall Creator’s Pet.

My counterpoint:

….. really? you fans think he’s a creator’s pet, i mean you haters are really out of your minds! i mean spongebob is now paul tibbitt’s pet and you criticize it?! okay look you guys, this is getting out of hand, the creator created the character cause he’s needed to be his debut episode, and without him, there wouldn’t be any lovers or haters of cheese. (whoa! getting out of hand.) maybe you should not go overboard with the saying cheese is creator’s pet, okay?

lesbianmagari asked: I have something to confess. I hate an entire show for one reason only. It's probably the dumbest reason but I'll write it anyways. I hate the show Spongebob Squarepants because I can't stand listening to Spongebob's laugh. I gave it a try but I couldn't get past his laugh do I stopped watching it. I hate his laugh south and can't stand listening to it so I gave up on a show for the dumbest reason ever.

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