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Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate

Anonymous said: Fortune is sent!! Do you receive it? Also, how are you admin? All good?

I have it now. Thanks!

And I could be better. Just that my supervisor for my master’s thesis is in a horrible mood and taking it out on me a month before everything is due. But that’s a personal rant for a different time and place.


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Anonymous said: Is there a submission for Wyldstyle from The LEGO Movie?

I got one a while ago but I rejected it because I couldn’t find a lot of evidence for her being hated/controversial.

Anonymous said: Do you get my entry for Fortune of Metal Gear?

No, I didn’t. Sorry!

Anonymous said: I would like to submit a character, it's ok if you don't want to do it. Poof from Fairly Odd Parents. He's hated for being a filler character, gary-stu, waste of time, take the whole spotlight, and is annoying.

Already done

In Defense of Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2)

Alright! After Tidus, it was natural I worked on defending Yuna. Ready or not, here I go


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In Defense of Buguese

Character: Buguese

Fandom: Spider Riders

Gets in the way of Hunter/Aqune (or any other pairing with Aqune)
No he doesn’t. Much as I wish it was, Buguese/Aqune is not canon. In fact, none of the popular/fan-debated pairings are canon, so you’re free to ship whatever you want without having to worry about writing around the canon love interest.
If Aqune got into a relationship with another Spider Rider, especially if it were Hunter, yes, Buguese would not be happy. However, he would grudgingly accept it. After all, he gave her freedom and wants her to choose how to live her own life. There have been fics where he tries to kill her/actually does because she chooses Hunter or lives with the SR. And that’s absolutely baseless bashing.

Supposedly hates Aqune and treats her horribly.
I’d say, if you seriously think this, keep watching, except that I’ve seen people who have watched the whole series and still believe this. However, it is most definitely false.

I’ll start with the hate thing. Buguese hates humans, which Aqune is. He hates Spider Riders, which Aqune is. He hates the Oracle, and Aqune is an Oracle Handmaiden. There’s all of this, on top of the fact that Buguese does not like to admit to caring for anyone, including his fellow Insectors. There was a scene where Buguese makes a speech about how he cares for no one. And during that scene, the camera focused on Aqune the whole time. Why? To show the contrary. That there’s someone Buguese most definitely cares for. Buguese will get worried when something happens to Aqune. Around the end of the series, he lets her go, in order to let her be happy. It’s very obvious that he doesn’t hate her at all, even though he doesn’t like to show concern.

Now, about how he treats her. Buguese makes Aqune fight against the Spider Riders against her will. It’s clear that she doesn’t like this, because she’s a pacifist and considers the other Riders her friends. He probably did not do this in the years prior to when Mantid ordered him to in the 4th episode. He seemed turned-off by the idea, and it was shown in the next episode that Corona (a Rider who had been fighting for a long time before Hunter) didn’t know who Aqune was, while she did know Buguese. And aside from that, he really doesn’t do anything to Aqune. At least in the Japanese version, Aqune actually mentions that Buguese doesn’t force her to even stay with the Insectors. She’s helping them by choice. She’s shown to be able to freely travel around the Insector lands, a right no other humans have, and she has a kitchen where she can cook, which she seems to really enjoy. Also, despite the master/servant dynamic they have, and despite Buguese’s anger, Buguese is never shown to punish Aqune if she fails. Rather, sometimes he’ll carry her back from a lost battle (bridal-style) if she’s injured, but he definitely doesn’t punish her.

In Defense of Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

Hello there! I just felt like doing a defense for Tidus, as I often see some of the reasons he gets hate on my dash and those always makes me baffled. I had defended other Final Fantasy and Yu-Gi-Oh! characters before, so why not?



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Defending Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman from Attack On Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

A Gary-Stu - I can see how he can seem like a Gary-Stu but do you so everyday characters have a obsession with cleaning. He is humanity strongest warrior because he trained under the leader of the survey corps. 

Beat Eren in the courtroom - Eren was seen as a traitor and sometime to get information out of someone, you need to beat them up. They didn’t know that Eren was innocent by then. 

Heartless - I think you had to be heartless if you had to see all of your friends and comrades get eaten alive. I can understand him being heartless because It would be deadly if he would have cried or broken down everytime someone died.

Sadistic - He was in a gang before becoming a solider and gangs can get sadistic, when needed

abusive; especially towards the younger charcaters - I wouldn’t call it abusive but he is 30 something years old and shorter then Armin. They aren’t going to respect him if he isn’t mean time to time.

Made his new squad out of Eren’s remaining friends to manipulate him - All of Eren’s friends were the only new soldiers to join the survery corps, so it was needed for all of them to be in his squad. 

In Defense of Anthy Himemiya

Defense by http://hetaliagirl96.tumblr.com/ 

Anthy Himemaya is, and continues to be, one of the most inspiring characters I’ve ever come across. This is a character who has been through everything, who has suffered more than anyone could ever imagine and found the strength and courage to leave her abusive prison. When I saw this submission, I honestly had to question whether any who have these complaints against Anthy had even seen the entire show.

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In Defense of Ohgi

Character: Kaname Ohgi
Fandom: Code Geass

First time doing this, so I hope I’m doing it right.

Alright, firstly, I’ll make this clear. Ohgi is not a saint. He’s a terrorist, so that should make it obvious that he’ll fall into a morally ambiguous row. That being said, he is not the monster some fans make him out to be either. He has good intentions overall, and tries hard to make a difference even when he’s well aware of his own weaknesses, to the point of self-deprecation.

Betrayed Lelouch after learning he was being used as a pawn
Let’s see. Yes, yes he did. While it may not have been the best action in the eyes of viewers who obviously know a lot more than the characters, to him, that was the best action. From the beginning, what Ohgi wanted was to liberate Japan. Throughout the series, there have been incidents where he’s shown to have doubt in Zero, yet no matter what, he still decided to put his faith in Zero, believing that eventually Japan would be liberated this way. Well, those doubts he did have were made clearer when Ohgi found out about Geass and came to the reasonable conclusion that he could/might have already used it on the Black Knights. The Black Knights who already lost many members due to poor decisions made by Lelouch. Actually watching the scene, it’s pretty clear from Ohgi’s face that he’s crushed over what he has to do, but he does it because he thinks it’s the only way.

Some of the rabid Lelouch fans tend to just really flip out over anyone who ever opposes Lelouch. Like with Suzuku, who got a ton of bashing up until the point where he allied with Lelouch. So I think a lot of people try to make the betrayal look worse just out of their love for Lelouch. And that’s plain dumb.

Trusted Villetta
I hear a lot of cries of “oh my gosh what an idiot,” simply because Ohgi trusted Villetta’s word about Lelouch, when she was an enemy. However, several episodes before, Villetta made it clear that she loved him enough that she risked her life to save him. it’s pretty fair that he could trust her. Besides, as far as we know, everything she told him was true. So, I think in this case, some viewers just are overanalyzing things way more than the creators probably thought about themselves.

Slept With Villetta
People who say this tend to fall into two categories. The first group are Villetta fanboys (or girls?) who wish she slept with them instead. Well, she’s fictional. Get over it. The second is those who think that Ohgi raped Villetta, because they had sex while she had amnesia. No. By the time they had sex, they had been dating, and Villetta said that she wanted to be an Eleven. Therefore, she didn’t think she would ever get her memories back or care about who she used to be anymore. She was very happy to be Chigusa, and have a relationship with Ohgi. As more proof that he did not and would not take advantage or her like that, when Ohgi first found Villetta, he had to get her out of her wet clothes (so that she wouldn’t get sick) with his eyes closed. He was that concerned about accidentally seeing something.

Got a happy ending when the protagonist didn’t
Anyone who has a problem with this probably doesn’t understand the whole point of Zero Requiem. Lelouch died and Suzaku has to suffer so that everyone else can live in a better world. If there was not a happy ending for everyone (yes, even Ohgi and Villetta), it would have been in vain. While some characters still suffered losses, Kallen for example, even she seemed content enough, and got to be with her mother again and all. So, Lelouch’s plan definitely went as he wanted.

Supposedly a creators pet
No. Ohgi is a relatively important character, who does appear in most episodes. However, he is basically never the center of attention, and certainly never comes close to stealing the spotlight from the more important characters like Lelouch/C.C./Suzuku/etc. Also, I used to read a lot of the staff interviews during the time of airing, and I definitely don’t recall the staff ever saying that favored Ohgi. This just goes along with the above statement about him getting a better ending with Lelouch. That was the point. It does not make him a creators pet.

That is completely subjective, and really a dumb reason to dislike a character. I disagree though. He just has a bad haircut.

Accused of trying to kill Kallen
People actually say this as if it were canon. Which it is not. Here’s what happened. Ohgi and the BK have guns pointed at Zero. Kallen is in the room. Yes, the situation is tense and it’s (incorrectly) speculated that Kallen could be under the influence of Geass. Regardless, it’s pretty clear they have no intention of killing Kallen, as they are not making any moves to shoot, nor did they expect her to defend Lelouch. They see her as an ally. I’m pretty sure, if it came down to it and someone actually tried to kill her in that scene, Ohgi would defend Kallen, because she’s practically his sister. It would feel really OOC otherwise.

Occasionally also gets hate for being in the way of Jeremiah/Villetta.
This is also really stupid. There was never any indication of Jeremiah and Villetta having a romantic relationship (unless you count the crack character song which is not canon, and pretty much indicated one-sided Jeremiah -> Villetta anyway.) I’m all for shipping whatever you want, and I don’t always agree with the canon pairs myself, but shipping is such a petty reason to dislike a character.

Anonymous said: This isn't a submission, but I just wanted to say, Loki from the Avengers is on the submitted characters list but he is a villian and I thought they didn't count? And in the Avengers fandom the rest of the villians are not generally liked so that rule doesn't really apply.

Villains don’t count if they’re only/mainly hated for any evil things they’ve done (ex: injuring/killing someone). If they’re hated for other reasons such as not being a low-quality villain, then I’ll accept them.

Mistuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen (Kamen Rider Gaim)

Wow can’t leave this place for a while without coming back to see another Kamen Rider on here. Geez why hate on some of the better written characters in Japanese media in recent years? Well never the less its time to defend the yin-yang personality rider himself Ryugen! Let’s Jam! -Pulls out a Kiwi Lockseed-

1. Manipulative

       Ok folks lets start somewhere easy. Look yes he is manipulative but when has that ever been a bad trait? If anything it makes him different from most other hero/ anti-hero riders in that he has a way about him to get his way. Granted they aren’t always the cleanest routes but hell it makes him interesting and keeps an air of mystery behind his character. So shut up! Sides I am pretty sure everyone has manipulated someone or something at some point.

2. Weird Obsession with Mai and Kouta

Ok this is really simple and requires little explanation. He is NOT obsessed! He is grateful beyond words and wants nothing more than to help them in anyway he can. This is due to his upbringing (Which will be covered later), by this I mean Team Gaim (Yes ALL of them) he feels indebted to because they chose to be his friends because they felt they knew the real Micchy (Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t again future point). But never the less it is not obsession it is admiration for Kouta who he saw as an older brother and someone to idolize for his morals and its love/lust for Mai whom he wants to BE the hero so he can prove he is good enough for her. And to be honest I find it a good character quality so there!

 3. Makes other characters seem stupid since they don’t realize he is playing them.

Ok folks pop quiz has anyone bothered watching until the current episodes? If not here is a bit of an update…UNTIL RECENTLY HE HASN’T BEEN PLAYING THEM! Micchy at the beginning of the series was genuinely sweet and kind tot hose whom he saw as allies and friends, he had no intentions of revealing himself due to his own fear of being treated like a villain (Ironic no?) to them because of his position, so yes he lied but he never once treated them like puppets till the more recent episodes. He DID play Sid and his brother against each other but those two figured that out, however again he treated Gaim and hell even other teams (Except MAYBE Baron) with respect. So no shut yer damn yaps he treated them right before the past ten episodes or so and that was for damn good reasons!

4. Boring Character

    Folks….consider the fact of THREE points now have pointed out unique and varied factors of his personality as drastic or as weird as they are….he is far from boring and in fact is rather psychologically fascinating. So yea…not even a point when before and after this point will explain against this…so NEXT!

5. Thinks he is smarter than he really is

    In a private elite high school for future CEOs of major corporations the boy has gotten some of the highest grades imaginable….he has earned EVERY right to think he is smarter than some of the other characters in this show and he has MISSED days worth of classes so there! Yes he pales in comparison to his brother but never the less he IS smarter than the beat riders so yes he IS smarter than other people. Don’t hate on brains! 

6. Lies to everyone

Ok this one needs little explanation but a quality one. Yes he lies to everyone…it is a sad truth but he does not lie to cheat them, or use them. He initially lied to keep his friends from leaving him behind as he thought they would hate him because of who he is in reality. He lied to protect them and keep them safe from the complex and scary facts of what was really going on. It was only recently that he began lying to support his own rather questionable plans. He lied to create his own world maybe because he hates the real world….maybe because he felt it needed to change. All I can say is Yes he lied to everyone…but sometimes we have to lie to keep ourselves and others safe from what could hurt us or more importantly the people we care about.

7. Is rich and privileged so has no right to complain of feeling stifled by his upbringing.

Folks being rich doesn’t always make you happy. Having a future in a huge company can sometimes create tighter prisons than having few job options. Just because you are well off does NOT mean he is BETTER off. Micchy feels trapped because he is being raised to take over a company that has literally warped the town in which he and the whole cast lives in. This means someday he will be despised because of the past actions taken by Yggdrasil no matter what he does to try to change it! He is scared everyone he knows will despise him and everything he knows will change! He is SCARED! Someone from middle class may think being rich is the life but if you ever ask a rich person what their life is like some if not 90% of them will tell you its like prison….they have no options its either do what you are told or you lose everything! Now I ask you does that sound appealing to you!? Would you like to have a life where money is LITERALLY all you can believe in? Because once you are rich its hard to see the people who are true and those who want the connections…..Micchy wants more out of life than to be rich…he wants REAL friends…he wants to be a person HE wants to be…not who his brother wants.

Ok folks. Thats it…all I can say is on the table. This is Micchy deconstructed….why hate him? He is scared and has become angry and bitter because of his own actions. And eventually he will learn what his actions have wrought and the horror to come being all on him, and once he does I am scared for what he might do….isn’t THAT enough? Why hate on someone….who might end up dead by his own hands and regretting everything? I thank you -Transforms into Kiwi arms and heads into Helheim-

Defense of Jenna Darabond

  • Character: Jenna Darabond
  • Fandom : Most Popular Girls in School or MPGIS
  • Reason for Being Hated: For being pretentious and her hipster movement, being a hipster, she was behind everything that happened in the first two seasons of the show.

Jenna Darabond had a good reason to be the way she is. Mackenzie was the reason why Jenna became evil in the first place. That’s because Jenna confided in Mackenzie that she likes Justin Michaelson, who was Ashley Katchadourian’s boyfriend. Mackenzie told her that it’s not a good idea to date another cheerleader’s boyfriend because it would make her a whore. So Jenna stopped and tried to forget about Justin and the next thing she knew, Mackenzie was making out with Justin right after Ashley left. After that incident, Jenna realized that nothing was sacred in the cheer squad and decided to get what she wants even if it means hurting other people.

Jenna was solely responsible for the events that led Deandra’s arms to rip off. In a way, she had something to do with it. Then, she burned down a mall to cause a rivalry between the Atchison cheer squad and the OP cheer squad. I don’t approve of her burning down a mall but… who could burn down an entire mall? I get that it’s fiction but still. That’s a lot of damage. I can understand burning down a store but not an entire mall.

I agree that her being a hipster was annoying but it’s an accurate portrayals of hipsters. That was one of the reasons why people didn’t like her in the first place. 

  • Character: Miki Kaoru
  • Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Reason for Being Hated: “Entitled Nice Guy”, has a madonna/whore complex about girls, kisses a sleeping Utena in the manga. (Note from submitter: Madonna/whore complexes are a bad thing and kissing sleeping girls isn’t the best move, but compared to what most of the other male characters in this series do, that’s almost nothing.)
  • Character: Daria Morgendorffer
  • Fandom: Daria
  • Reason for Being Hated: Snob, hipster, Jane would have been a better main character, monotone is annoying, kissed Tom when he was with Jane, bitchy, boring, rude, acts like she’s above her peers. (Note from submitter: Even though the show is well liked, the character herself seems to get a lot of hate nowadays :( I thought she was a great main lead.)