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Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate

  • fan favorite male: (does something terrible)
  • fandom: let me write u a two page essay on how that one involuntary facial twitch means he felt bad about what he did and completely absolves him of any responsibility for that thing!!
  • loathed female character: (does something comparably minor)
  • fandom: proceeds to reference that one moderately bad thing in all discussions to undermine any positive discussion of the character
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Twelfth Doctor Defence. a.k.a This. Fandom. (Doctor Who)

Twelfth Doctor being swag as hell

Well, Here we go again…

This has spoilers for Doctor Who season 8 up to Mummy on The Orient Express.

  • Too Old

Let’s just throw this one right out the window for being made of 100% pure ignorance. What I mean is this is obviously made by people who have only seen David Tennant, Matt Smith and maybe Christopher Eccleston, but that’s being generous.

Some might say ‘oh, well that’s the older show, in the newer show we need hot young guys’ for reasons that escape me right now. If it wasn’t for William Hartnell, who just so happened to be the same age as Capaldi when playing The first Doctor, you wouldn’t have your ‘hot young looking kooky alien’ to oggle at.

  • Too Cruel

The Doctor is not a perfect super being.

This is something that have been bugging me since Into the Dalek aired. People seem to think that The Doctor has no flaws whatsoever. The 12th doctors story arc looks like it set around morality and difficult decisions so he might do something that may not seem ‘good’ but for the right reasons (or at least justifiable, to himself), the fans forget any other negative thing he done before and call it bad writing and Steven Moffat the bane of their existence. I think this part towards the end of Mummy on The Orient Express sums it up well

Clara: So you were pretending to be heartless.

The Doctor: Would you like to think that about me? Would that make it easier? I didn’t know if I could save her. I couldn’t save Quell, I couldn’t save Moorhouse. There was a good chance she’d die too.

At which point, I would have just… moved on to the next and the next until I beat it. Sometimes, the only choices you have are bad ones. But you still have to choose.

And by the way, special is not the same as important.

  • Not very doctor like.

I don’t get this one. I’m guessing most of any answer I can give will be similar to the too old one.

Also, Watch Deep Breath and The Caretaker again. He’s The Doctor, a grumpy, dick-ish one, but The Doctor nonetheless.

  • Too uncaring

But what about his reaction to the T-Rex death? What about “Just see me”? What about him trying to convince A DALEK to stay good? What about his reaction to Robin Hood jumping with Clara? What about his ‘Scared is a superpower’ talk to Rupert Pink? What about him helping Orison Pink because he just so happened to bump into him? What about his reaction when he thinks Clara is being attacked by The Teller? What about his reaction to Psi and Saibra showing up alive? What about his reaction to Clara getting angry and leaving at the end of Kill The Moon? What about him trying to make it up to her with ‘one last hurrah’ at the beginning of Mummy on The Orient Express?

I bet those examples are very confusing to folk who have never watched Doctor Who before.

  • Scottish

As a Scot myself only one thing comes to mind… Ach, away ‘n didnae talk a load a pish.

  • It’s hard to understand the accent

But Capaldi’s accent isn’t even very thick…

Well a least none of this had to do with shipping.


  • Character: Daigo “King” Kiryu
  • Fandom: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
  • Reason for Being Hated: Return to the “loud, hyper shounen hero” type of Red Ranger after four years without one, “too perfect” and has no weaknesses, with the show explicitly saying he doesn’t, “boring” because he doesn’t have flaws, both women on the team are apparently in love with him.

October 13, 2014: Spotlight hog, “Marty Stu,” gets THREE love interests, Amy’s character became all about falling in love with him, fought the final battle by himself, it’s “cheating” or a “cop out” that the Zyudenru saved him from death.

  • Character: Mahiru Koizumi
  • Fandom: Dangan Ronpa
  • Reason for Being Hated: Nags too much, hates men, doesn’t do anything important, [SPOILER] ends up covering up a murder and then calls someone out for murder [/SPOILER].
  • Character: Billy
  • Fandom: The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
  • Reason for Being Hated: Obnoxious, stupid, treats others like garbage, is a terrible friend, has an annoying voice, gluttonous, has terrible hygiene, is a terrible father, selfish, didn’t die by the end of the show.

Anonymous said: I just wanna say that you mis-tagged one post about Yukari Takeba... instead of Persona/Persona 3, you tagged it into Dangan Ronpa... (tho Yukari's seiyuu is also Junko's seiyuu)

Thanks! I just changed the tag.

  • Character: The Twelfth Doctor
  • Fandom: Doctor Who
  • Reason for Being Hated: Too old, too cruel, not very Doctor like, too uncaring, Scottish (Note from submitter: I kid you not, this is apparently a legitimate reason), it’s hard to understand the accent.
  • Character: Kouta Kazuraba
  • Fandom: Kamen Rider Gaim
  • Reason for Being Hated: Stupid, typical anime character personality, hogs spotlight too much since there’s nothing interesting about him, siscon, gets in way in other characters’ shipping, gets too many power-ups compared to others, the one who’s responsible for minor characters’ death and became evil.

Anonymous said: Virtually every single Dangan Ronpa character has been or is soon going to be on this blog. How can there be a fandom if all the characters are hated?


  • Character: Nute Gunray
  • Fandom: Star Wars Prequels
  • Reason for Being Hated: A pathetic villain, offensive stereotype of Asian people, coward, had more screen time than Darth Maul, has unclear motivations, makes stupid decisions.

Anonymous said: (Sorry, this is about Xion) I agree that Xion wasn't the main plot of Days, but I would like to remind that she was part of the reason Roxas started questioning the Organization. Axel and the Org. were hiding things from Roxas which related to him & Xion, She also gave him more motivation to not only find Sora and the truth, but he also wants to 'set Kingdom Hearts free' so everything can return to normal with him, Xion and Axel. So whilst Days is Roxas' story, she's still pretty important in it

  • Character: Suitcase
  • Fandom: Inanimate Insanity
  • Reason for Being Hated: Being a “Mary-Sue”, no personality, getting the fewest votes each time.
  • Character: Oscar
  • Fandom: Shark Tale
  • Reason for Being Hated: Annoying, ugly design, a horrible attempt at being “cool” & “gangsta” for the kids, selfish, liar, makes stupid decisions like gambling the money Angie selflessly gave him, is oblivious to Angie’s crush on him, laughs at Lenny for being a vegetarian, stole the focus of the movie from Lenny (the movie is called “Shark” Tale after all).
  • Character: Bianca Stratford
  • Fandom: Ten Things I Hate About You
  • Reason for Being Hated: Shallow, prissy, boring, vain, goody two shoes, obsessed with being popular, mean to her sister Kat, manipulates Cameron, doesn’t stand up for her sister till Joey hurts Bianca herself first.
  • Character: Allen Gregory De Longpre
  • Fandom: Allen Gregory
  • Reason for Being Hated: Condescending towards others, pompous, douche, full of himself, pretentious, has the hots for a 70 year old married principal (which is creepy), treats others around him like dirt, racist, liar, acts like an immature adult, comes from the worst TV show Fox ever had on air.