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Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate

Defending Levi


Character: Levi

Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan

Really guys? Come on! Let’s be on the real right now. Levi is a pretty interesting character. I mean, damn! Ya’ll are just gonna hate all of the characters in this show. Like, Levi makes seven. I just can’t with you guys… Anyway, I’m fully caught up with the manga, so I will pull some examples from that, but I will give a warning. So no worries to those of you who aren’t caught up.

A Gary-Stu

So for those of you who aren’t aware, a “Gary- stu” is the male equivalent to a “mary- sue”. Both of these things are complete and utter bullshit reasons to dislike a character. Honestly, it’s second only to shipping reasons. So, I’m going to give the definition to the term “Gary- stu” step by step and prove why you’re wrong for labeling Levi as this J

A male character who is “perfect” to a fault

Ok… he is in no way shape or form perfect… in canon. Now I will admit, the fandom has turned Levi into a big fuckin’ deal. The fandom has turned Levi into the epitome of all that is anime perfection. However, Ishiyama makes it perfectly clear that Levi is far from perfect. I’ll get into the physical later  because that’s another factor in being a “gary- stu”. However, personality wise, Levi is NOT perfect.

1.)Levi has a potty mouth.

That’s not perfect… it’s kinda funny, but being unintentionally humorous doesn’t equate to “omfg such perfect!” Like, no.

2.) Said mouth, makes Levi difficult to understand

It’s been shown frequently that Levi has trouble getting what he means across to others. Example one, he had trouble letting Eren know “Yes, I trust you, I’m not worried about you going berserk. You can also trust me.” Instead, it comes out as “ You’re a fucking weirdo, but bfd, right?” That’s just who Levi is. And that is not perfect you guys, c’mon!

He is usually attractive, mistunderstood, agnsty, and often has some sort of tragic past.

Ok… ok, so this one is a tad bit close to Levi, but no dice. Sorry guys. So on the attractive part… I mean, the fandom think he’s hot as fuck, but… He’s a hella short angry looking munchkin. No shade, ya’ll no shade. But, those aren’t the qualities of like… Fabio or some shit like that. Misunderstood… kinda. The way he comes off can be misconstrued. But it’s not in the same sense of, “No one understands me! Call the ‘waah’,balance!” Angsty? No, not really. He’s actually just kind of complacent… in an angry way, I guess. Like, he has an upsetting past, but he doesn’t let him control his character. So…

He usually winds up romantically involved with one or more of the author’s favorite characters

Levi legit just does not give a fuck about relationships so uhm… no.

saves the day, upstages all of the real characters

Yes… he does save the day once. At the cost of his leg, thus “benching” him. He’s not indestructible and he knows it. There also plenty of amazing characters that Levi acknowledges as capable. He even shows a level of respect for Mikasa. So, girl bye.

beat Eren in the courtroom

I’m gonna be real, that made me pretty uncomfortable once it originally happened. I would agree with you guys but… I actually finished the fucking episode so… Like honestly you guys, there was a reason behind it. Levi’s actions took the heat off of Eren calling out the people in the courtroom. It also made it easier for Erwin to “get custody” of Eren and to get him away from the military police. And he also showed regret. 

heartless, sadistic, abusive especially towards the younger characters

Ugggh!! UUUggggh!! Just no. Stop.


I’m gonna go by this one by one.


Nope. He hates unnecessary loss of life. He was visibly upset by the loss of his squad. He didn’t condemn that one guy who brought the titans toward them as they were leaving. He fucking gave this same guy Petra’s pendant and says it’s the other guy who died to make him feel better. SPOILERS He comforted Connie when he was upset over the loss of his mom. He was visibly shaken by the idea that titans were humans.  He was enraged by the loss of Hanji’s squad. And he tried to comfort Armin. Yeah, real fucking heartless!


No. He doesn’t like to do things that cause trouble for humans if it doesn’t have a meaning in the long run.

Abusive, especially toward the kiddies

No. He treats everyone the same. He blunt, kinda off putting and rude but not fucking abusive. This whole argument is all based on extremely poor characterization.

[SPOILER] made his new squad out of Eren’s remaining friends to manipulate him.[/SPOILER]

How do you even come to this fucking conclusion. Like, I’ll be honest, even if Levi was a manipulative little shit, I don’t think he’s the type to think that far ahead into it. But, seeing as how Levi is not like that at all, that’s bull. He felt that they were capable enough to even be compared to his old squad. He has a level of trust for these kids, which speaks volumes to his character. Not everything Levi does revolve around Eren, you guys.

Honestly, a lot of this shit was poor characterization. I just can’t even…

In Defense of Lucy Bennett

I personally did not enjoy season nine of Scrubs, but that was because it did not fit in with the rest of the eight seasons and I felt that season eight had been the perfect ending and a wonderful sendoff for the characters that I loved. It was not because of Lucy.

Lucy is not J.D. How can she be? She’s a different person with different flaws. She does share characteristics with him - both Lucy and J.D. care immensely about their patients and their friends. There have been episodes where we’ve seen both characters put in a lot of extra time for their patients. But the reality is that Lucy is a med student. One of the best parts of the first season of Scrubs was seeing J.D. come to terms with what it means to be a doctor - that he’ll see pain and death and suffering. Lucy hasn’t had to see that yet. I think what a lot of people dislike about season nine of Scrubs is what I did - the fact that it wasn’t as heartwarming or heartbreaking as the other seasons. It makes sense, because of the fact that med students aren’t doctors yet and they work on cadavers, not people. Understanding the logic behind it doesn’t make it any easier to love the season. But the flaws in it are not Lucy’s fault.

Not funny: Lucy may not be funny in the same way as J.D. is - fantasies, crazy antics - but she is funny enough in her own way. She snarks and does silly things and has humourous exchanges with other characters.

Not likable/relatable: Lucy has a hard time cutting open a cadaver because she knew him when he was still alive. She makes jokes and she makes mistakes and she struggles to balance her life. She cares deeply about other people. She works hard because she feels the need to be the best at everything she does. She seems pretty relatable to me.

Weak/whiny/annoying: I don’t consider her any of these. She’s smart and hardworking. She needed to learn how to balance her life and prioritize. Because she needs help learning how to do that doesn’t make her weak or whiny.

Goes back to Cole and thinks she can change him: Cole may be somewhat of an idiot. But she cares about him and he cares about her. She doesn’t go back to him because she thinks she can change him. She goes to him because she cares about him as he is and believes that he’ll grow up eventually.

Blamed for the show’s cancellation: With or without Lucy, the show couldn’t have gone on much longer. Lucy gets blamed as she’s the narrator. The truth is, the story wasn’t as strong as in previous seasons.

In Defense of Maribelle

I’ve seen Maribelle get a lot of hate at times in the Fire Emblem Awakening, and a lot of it stems from her ‘snooty’ attitude.

Yes, she does have that sort of attitude, especially when you first meet her. You have to remember though, she is the daughter of the Duke of Themis, and as such she was raised in a high-class family. She has been brought up in such a way that anything not prim and proper in appearance and mannerisms is likely to off-put her at least a bit. You can see in her supports though that she grows to accept other’s quirks as she gets to know them better.

She however does not show contempt for lower class people. Throughout the game and her various supports, it’s shown many times that she wants to learn and understand the differences between the upper and lower classes so that she can better help people. The majority of her endings even have her becoming a magistrate who demands equal justice for all classes.

She may come off as cold in beginning supports, but keep doing them and you’ll see she become much warmer to the person she is supporting with.


Also, I want to bring this up because I’m a little surprised about this not being a reason because I’ve seen people complain about it. I’ll try to be brief about it though.

 People complaining about her being possessive of Lissa at times

Like I said, I’ve seen people not like Maribelle because of this before too. She is very protective of Lissa, even going so far as to keep close watch on potential suitors, which you find out about in her B Support with Chrom.

The thing about this is that Maribelle was was treated rather harshly by other people of nobility when she was younger, and she didn’t really have any friends. Lissa was really her first real friend, and in return, Maribelle is willing to do whatever she can to protect Lissa from harm.


Basically, Maribelle comes off as snooty in the beginning, yes. If you take the time to go through her supports though, you’ll find that she grows warm those she gets close with and that she does become accepting of how they are. She doesn’t understand how the lower class is difference and learns, and in the end(for most endings anyways) she fights for equal rights for upper and lower class.

Maribelle is also fiercely protective of Lissa, but only because she wants the best for her most treasured friend. She doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Lissa, so she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep Lissa safe and happy.

  • Character: Gen 6 rivals (Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor) 
  • Fandom: Pokemon
  • Reason for Being Hated: Boring, bland, annoying, not developed, aren’t as great and interesting compared to the rivals of previous generations.
  • Character: Tommy Lasalle
  • Fandom: (Syfy’s) Defiance
  • Reason for Being Hated: Boring, flat, terrible actor, useless, stupid, irrelevant, his romance with Irisa (people who don’t like the Torisa ship or want Irisa with someone else tend to dislike him), now in Season 2, is seen as a “jerk” [SPOILER] for getting snarky and rude with Nolan, getting pissed at Amanda for handing his job as Lawkeeper off to Nolan, moving on from Irisa and dating Berlin. [/SPOILER]
  • Character: Beowulf
  • Fandom: Skullgirls
  • Reason for Being Hated: Being too masculine, “ruining” the concept of Skullgirls being a fighter with an all-female roster (despite the fact Big Band exists). (Defense from submitter: I think Beowulf is actually a somewhat nice addition to the cast, but from what I’ve seen he really rustles the jimmies of a lot of the fans.)
  • Character: Serena
  • Fandom: Pokemon (the x and y series)
  • Reason for Being Hated: People seem to think that she is too whiny and doesn’t have any goals so far.
  • Character: Trahearne
  • Fandom: Guild Wars 2
  • Reason for Being Hated: Bland, ‘special snowflake,’ gets respect without earning it (though it’s implied he’s a very distinguished scholar), becomes leader of the Pact without any argument, annoying accent.

Anonymous said: Tingle. Legend of Zelda series. Reasons for being hated: creepy, 35 year old who obsessive over fairies/children that look like fairies/children with fairies, annoying, greedy (charges a ton of money to decipher maps in wind waker), out of all the Legend of Zelda side characters he is the only one to get his own set spin off games, makes players feel uncomfortable.

Already done

Anonymous said: After reading the last Pichu defense, doesn't it sort of defeat the purpose of a defense to spend most of it bashing another character rather than defending the character in question?

I wasn’t sure if that was a defense, a general opinion, or a character submission for Kirby.

Amateur competitive Smash player here. Although Pichu is low tier, A better pick for a controversial character in Smash would be Kirby. He went from ranked #2 in Smash 64 to dead last in Melee, a tier drop unseen from any character in SSB. In comparison to 64 Kirby, Melee Kirby was slower, with weaker attacks with less knockback. He also was the only character whose throws you could “mash out” (by mashing buttons, and escaping the throw before your character is thrown). Pichu is actually a pretty fun character when played non competitively, except his up air is absolute trash. Pichu’s strengths, namely his speed and amazing recovery, makes him a viable option in Melee’s bottom tiers.

  • Character: Maribelle
  • Fandom: Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Reason for Being Hated: A lot of people seem to hate her for being ‘snooty’.
  • Character: Marie
  • Fandom: Persona 4 Golden
  • Reason for Being Hated: Just plain rude, has little to no character development, shoehorned in, the developers desperately try to make her ”one of the gang” even though she barely interacts with them and when she does she’s just mean, overall a Mary Sue.
  • Character: Pichu
  • Fandom: Super Smash Bros.
  • Reason for Being Hated: Easy to knock away, damages self when attacking, “small hitbox and speed doesn’t make up for weak attacks”, waste of space in Melee, “Raichu would’ve been a better Pikachu clone”, “poor attempt” to greenlight Gen II, in the bottom tier. (Note from submitter: I honestly didn’t have any troubles when playing as Pichu when I was a kid. Then again, I don’t play competitively.)
  • Character: Yoyo
  • Fandom: Jet Set Radio
  • Reason for Being Hated: Snot nosed brat, challenged you to an aggravating race in Benten-Cho, ugly design, and replaced Beat as the main character in Jet Set Radio Future.