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Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate

artpopvenusguy said: your defense of Madison made me so happy cause it's so trueee tho like I love Emma and I love Madison but they are two separate people and I hate how people are like oh Emma's back in FS blah blah blah like hush

In Defense of Madison Montgomery

Character: Madison Montgomery 

Fandom: American Horror Story: Coven 

Now this didn’t surprise me one bit, but it doesn’t mean that I agree with it. 

Her Actions 

Well yeah, that’s to be expected. She’s a diva, has loose morals, and is an all around crappy person. But we have to appreciate that she’s had her good moments too, and isn’t that stereotypical “I am eeeeeviiiillll, just cuz” character that we’ve become accustomed to on modern television. She has layers, you have to give her that. Whether it was well executed or not. 

She didn’t serve the story 

Wait a minute… What? Madison was vital in kick starting many of the important plot points found throughout the series. She was the one who dragged Zoe to the party where she met Kyle. She was also the person who flipped the bus over while he was in it, killing him while setting the story up for the FrankenKyle arc. She was also the person who resurrected him. Just gonna put that out there. Her death was also what kick started the Coven’s rebellion against Fiona, and while it didn’t necessarily work, it still made Fiona aware of everyone’s intentions. So yeah, Madison does help further along the story, in more ways then some people give her credit for.

Was basically there for Emma Roberts to play herself 

Now I’m not Emma Roberts’ number one fan, but I’m not going to hate her character just because I may dislike her. No matter how much you claim to know Emma Roberts, you really don’t. Unless you know her in real life (and are good friends with her) there is no real way for you to know what she is actually like. Now if you just happen to dislike Madison because she’s a morally ambiguous character that was willing to let multiple characters die for her own personal gain, then yeah, hate away. But if it’s only because she’s portrayed by Emma Roberts than you really need a reality check. Emma is not her character. Her character is not Emma. 

Okay so the person who submitted the defense of Prince Charming lifted the definition of a protagonist from the Plinkett Star Wars reviews, a great source for hilarity and on-point film critique, but generally only if you source it. I tried linking to the time where the discussion of characters starts (1:52), but even if it doesn’t work the whole thing is gold.

In Defense of Prince Charming - Cinderella

Flat Character With No Personality

Yes, the Prince is a very flat character in the first movie. This is due to the fact that he is a very small part of the story with very few lines of dialogue and a duet that last for a minute and twenty-seven seconds. His role in the film is to be icing on the cake for Cinderella’s character arc, but we will get to that later.


He is only boring in your eyes because you have not seen a whole lot of him. Again, he has very few lines of dialogue and one short duet. 

Not Proactive

Welcome to film making 101. In most films, there is something called a protagonist. In addition to being an every day person, the protagonist is usually someone who is down on their luck, in a bad place in their lives, or just someone who experiences things that don’t go perfectly for them. Eventually they will be confronted with a problem or an obstacle that they need to overcome. If we like them, then we hope they succeed. The drama in the film is a result of us rooting for them against opposition. Eventually the character will find themselves in the lowest point where it seems like all is lost, but eventually they pull through and conquer whatever force opposes them. It is satisfying when our hero gets ahead from where they started out at. They make a change (called an “arc”). Often too, they will get a love interest as icing on the cake.

Does this sound like the Prince? No! He is not the protagonist. Cinderella is. The protagonist has to be proactive because it is their story but side characters don’t. They CAN be proactive in the story, but they don’t HAVE too.


There is no evidence in the story to support that point.

Wouldn’t Go After Cinderella

 He is the crown prince. Going to every single house in the capital city presents a huge security risk to his life. It is much easier for him to give the royal adviser Cinderella’s shoe and a general description instead of risking being murdered by a crazed citizen with ideas of revolution.

Only Likes Cinderella For Her Looks

Again, there is no evidence in the story to support this. This is your interpretation of events as the viewer. You see, we as the audience don’t get to see what happened in between the events of the shoe fitting Cinderella and the big wedding at the end. They probably came to love each other in between those two events. The main reason we don’t see that is due to the fact that it is an entire story in itself. It would have taken up far too much screen time, would break the pacing of the movie, would break the connection between the audience and the story, and is inconsequential to the resolution of Cinderella’s character arc as it is in this film. It probably would have made a good sequel if the people who made Disney sequels actually knew what they were doing.

We are the Supports! (Defense for the Supports role in League of Legends)

  • Character: The Support
  • Fandom: League of Legends
  • Reason for Being Hated: No one wants to play support because it’s based around being the glue that holds the whole team together. They perform the tasks of map awareness, making sure their teammates get ahead, protecting their ADC, playing smart, and buying the right items to buff their teammates rather than focusing on themselves. (Who wants to do that when you could play an assassin mid and mindlessly one-shot everyone?)

Okay, I have been maining support nearly forever and I can see why this ended up on here. Most of listed reasons are just… idiotic. Let me start on how many people think that it is a boring role. Mainly because you dont deal tons of damage. Yes, playing support can be frustrating and it takes patience and SKILL. 

No one wants to play support because it’s based around being the glue that holds the whole team together. They perform the tasks of map awareness, making sure their teammates get ahead, protecting their ADC: 

Supports are the best at these tasks. They provide ton of CC and healing for the team to make sure they stay alive. Especially warding since noone else in the team wants to do it (The ENTIRE TEAM has to ward). Players are mostly egotistic, they dont want to be blamed on for their own mistakes. Supports suffer the most when it comes to flaming. No ward..? Blame the support. Stole one creep, blame the support. Supports will make mistakes, just like junglers, ADC’s or any other role. That is NO reason to bash them! You are winning games BECAUSE of the SUPPORTS! I understand that there are support players (Mostly those who pick any AP carry that deals damage) who intentionaly steal your creeps and dont ward. However there are some supports out there who WANT to help you WIN.

playing smart: Are freaking kidding me…? I dont even have to address how idiotic this reasoning is. Yes, League requires SMART play. How fucking knew?! Yes, there are some games where we want to just have fun and do stupid things for shiz and gigglez, but if you intend to WIN your rankeds, try to think a bit before you go yolo and die and throw the game for no good reason.

buying the right items to buff their teammates rather than focusing on themselves: This reasoning is just lame on its own accord.Most people I have been playing with dont even do this right. They mostly buy damage instead of buff items and sightstones. After that they rage on about how the bot lane gets ganked alot. Why…? Cause there are no wards! Support is not about dealing damage, it is about providing utility that wins games. 

toonfan221 said: Character: Goofball John Mcgee Fandom: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Reasons for Being Hated: considered by many fans to be one of the worst characters on the show, due to the fact that he acts like a total jerk towards Frankie, His Creator has No Imagination, Acts like a Total Jerk, He's Lazy, Makes Frankie's Job Even More Difficult!!, Calls Her "Frannie"

Already done

Defense of Vaan


This guy’s a very polarizing figure for fans of the equally polarizing Final Fantasy 12 so let’s get to it.

  • Character: Vaan
  • Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
  • Reason for Being Hated: Too dumb, a pussy, whiny, annoying, too nice and carefree, generic androgynous JRPG protagonist, stupid outfit, those abs, last minute addition, stole Basch’s role, Basch/Ashe/Balthier should be the main protagonist, has no reason to remain in the party, contributes nothing to the plot, could be removed from the game entirely and nothing would change.

From another submitter: Not important to the story, annoying, rude/stupid, shouldn’t be in the game, static character.

Okay, first off, Vaan’s backstory. He’s a 17 year old orphan living on the streets of an occupied capital city, he’s got at minimum 5-6 other younger kids relying on him so they stay alive. He’s a kid forced into an adult’s role and his personality reflects that. He says himself that he was just trying to run away from his past and pain by dreaming of being a sky pirate. A dream, I will add, he shared with all the younger orphans. He wants to move up in the world, which is nearly impossible for a kid like him.

I’m going to lump:  Too dumb, Annoying, Whiny, Rude/Stupid, and too nice/carefree.

  • So to address the “nice/carefree” portion, he’s not. He’s got other people depending on him regularly for their next meal but not only that, a way out. So he finds the nearest and best option for orphans like them and clings to it, he chases that dream and it ends up getting he and several others out of that street life. We’re not shown enough of Vaan for me to really say for sure whether or not he was burdened much by his role as caregiver and since he has Penelo to help, I’m even less sure how much of the burden he shouldered. He uses his dream of being a sky pirate as an escape and it worked. Further in the game we see Vaan “laughing in the face of danger” as it were and I say that’s pure bravado, something of a bluff to keep up spirits in the party. Yes he is adventurous and he does poke his nose where it doesn’t belong but it’s also a method of coping and helping others cope with stress. Turn something scary into something exciting rather than enhancing the fear by admitting to it.
  • In this we can see that, if intentional, he’s most certainly not dumb. He is, however, uneducated and unfamiliar with how the world works. This is why he asks “stupid questions” like how things work or Fran about her age. Now tell me truthfully that folks wouldn’t have gotten their undies in a twist had the game glossed over some world building brought about by Vaan’s questions. I’ll address this more a little later though. He can come off as a bit rude but this is likely a product of him living on the streets and stealing from people to survive. Your people skills tend to suffer when you do that.
  • Next "Generic androgynous JRPG protagonist"; This is subjective, in my opinion. I don’t really see him as androgynous in the gameplay but in the style of cinematic cutscenes I think I see where this comes from. Aside from recycling characters (which has nothing to do with Vaan as a character and everything to do with Square Enix), I don’t really see a problem here.
  • Stupid outfit; I’ll give you this one. But only on a logical level, Vaan lives in a desert yet shows way too much skin (so does everyone else but again, character design) to be healthy. Not only is he exposed to the sun but he’s wearing metal in the sun, heat and sand. But this has nothing to do with Vaan as a character because characters do not get to pick what they wear. It’s entirely up to the designers to pick logical clothing and no fault of the character when they have stupid outfits.
  • "Those Abs"; This is also a design choice but probably ties in with graphics of the game. They look silly but so did a lot of PS2 games when it comes to detailed graphics.
  • Last Minute Addition/ stole Basch’s role, Basch/Ashe/Balthier should be the main protagonist; These are all creative choices that are debatable and have been debated since the game’s release. This isn’t really the time or place to debate this for a 1000th time so I’ll keep it brief. Who’s to say that Ashe, Basch or Bathier aren’t the main protagonists? Vaan isn’t really the focus of the game, they are, but in a different way than previous installments and that isn’t a bad thing. 
  • has no reason to remain in the party, contributes nothing to the plot, could be removed from the game entirely and nothing would changeThis ties to the above argument that I’ve already said I won’t address since it’s been beaten to death and there’s much better arguments all over the fanbase. But he does have a reason to remain with the party; Becoming a sky pirate. Recall that this is his dream, his escape, his goal, and suddenly the chance to “apprentice” under arguable the best sky pirates in the buisiness drops out of the sky, of course he’s going to go with, at least initially. Then there’s Penelo, who he and the party go to rescue. But after Penelo and after all of that, there’s befriending Larsa, which I doubt anyone could find an argument against being important. And even further down the line it turns into more of a “might as well see it through” type of thing but I have seen the argument that, since Ashe is their Queen, Vaan and Penelo are sort of obligated to remain with the party and help.
  • As for the overall plot, no, he doesn’t do much past befriending Larsa. But that’s okay. He’s a street rat surrounded by royalty, pirates, and fugitives all way out of his league. He’s not really supposed to do much in that position. 
  • Character-wise though, he does add very important developmental points.
  • From a gameplay standpoint though, he’s one of the best fighters and the party would be seriously handicapped without a full 6/6 roster and by the time we get Penelo and Ashe in the party permanently we’re so late in the game that adding more permanent members is just stupid.
  • static character; Not really. He goes from an upstart to someone a bit calmer and a bit more willing to go with the flow. It’s not very obvious and takes several playthroughs to really notice, as with a lot of details in FFXII. He’s stronger and more certain after his adventure, as we see in Revenant Wings, he adopts a teacher role with the younger kids rather than being a kid leading other kids.

In Defense Of Robin - TTG

Personality from the original show was butchered:

Someone doesn’t understand the concept of Teen Titans Go. The entire show is a parody of the original universe. I’m pretty sure the writers are aware that Robin isn’t stupid and egotistical and nothing else, just as they’re aware that there’s more to Raven than being emo, more to Cyborg than eating a lot, more to Starfire than being a girly girl, more to Beast Boy than crushing on Raven, and more to Terra than being the bitch that stole Beast Boy’s heart. It’s all a joke. The entire show is a joke. And in my opinion, it’s an incredibly good joke. So for the record, this is not me defending the character of TTG’s Robin. It’s me defending him as a brilliant caricature of the original. Because after all, that’s what his character is.

Shown as the weakest Titan (despite being able to take down all of the other Titans in original show):

If you recall from the original series, Robin is rather insecure about being the only one without powers, and this feeds into his almost constant need to prove himself. Him being shown as the weakest gave the writers the opportunity an opportunity to portray this while still being funny, rather than depressing. There’s also the ongoing wannabe Batman joke about his character, which is only played up by episodes where his lack of powers makes him weak/pathetic. Not to mention, I only recall one episode actually showing this, maybe two.


This one confused me at first too, and I used to really not like that aspect of his character, but I’m beginning to understand where that’s coming from. Even in the original series, Robin always took it for granted that he was in command. He couldn’t handle failure well and needed to be the best - again with the “need to prove himself” I mentioned earlier. He also has a hard time being wrong, and won’t let anyone tell him that. The only time he was submissive to anyone was in “Apprentice” parts 1 and 2, and that’s because (without spoiling too much of the plot) his friends were in danger. There’s also the fact that this egotistical nature is sometimes used to show his insecurity, and how much he’s trying to hide it, which is also true of the original Robin. Obviously, TTG plays up this fact, because it’s a caricature. If you have buck teeth, that caricature artist is gonna give you elephant tusks. It’s part of the art of parody.

Has a superiority complex:

This argument confuses me, because Robin from the original Teen Titans series does too. For goodness’s sake, he decided he was too cool for Batman (getting mad for Batman treating him like a kid and not an equal) and decided to start his own league of super heroes instead. Let me say that again. He’s too cool for Batman. He can’t deal with Aqualad hitting on Starfire even though they aren’t actually dating. He has to go on his magical Kung-Fu quest “alone.” He breaks his arm because that motorcycle guy from “Fractured” (whose name I really don’t want to bother looking up right now) was taunting him and just couldn’t take that from him. He literally can not lose or be wrong. Ever.

So there you have it. A pretty accurate, if not incredibly exaggerated, portrait of Dick Grayson, reduced to the hilarious elements of his personality in the style that makes Teen Titans Go the great parody it is.

Defense of Max from Total Drama

When I first saw Max’s design I knew he was going to be hated by the fandom (like Owen) and I’m surprised of how well liked he is by the fandom


Constantly says “evil,” acts stupid, annoyed Scarlett, annoyed everyone on his original team, thought Scarlett had a crush on him: Max was probably designed by Fresh TV to be despised by the older fandom (like Sugar)

Makes fun of Dave after having his heart crushed: Well he is EVIL

Max is too cartoony and EVIL for Total Drama (he deserves to be in a more cartoonier cartoon, like Jimmy Two-Shoes or Spliced)

Defending Tohma

 I can’t believe I’m doing this, but for some reason I’m going to defend Tohma. I’ll be honest. I didn’t much like the guy when I was playing Misao, but that’s kind of the point of his character. The point was to fake you out and to make you choose to sacrifice Tohma instead of Mr. Sohta in the end. By making Tohma look like a huge asshole he seems worse than the “kind and lovely” teacher. 

 So let’s go.

 Acts brave but is a coward

Well.. I have to disagree. Frankly, I don’t think Tohma EVER acted brave one bit. His little flirt session with Otome about “protecting her” is just the kind of stupid stuff teens say to their girlfriends to win brownie points. It’s not like he was doing it honestly or really thinking something bad would happen. He was taking the whole thing as a joke. So, no, he never really acted brave. He was a coward all throughout.. and really is that such a bad thing? He was surrounded by dead things and ghosts out to kill him. I would’ve pissed myself, at least his drawers were dry.

 “dated” Otome while dating Misao

I think you got those ” ” in the wrong direction there. He was never dating Misao. He was just teasing her and being a jerk. He was pretending to date her just because she was being made fun of and he thought it would be a funny thing to do. It’s not uncommon for young boys to do that and pretend to ask out a girl who is ugly or unpopular only to throw it back at them. He seemed to be genuinely dating Otome or at least actively fooling around with her. The extra scene with Otome is only an illusion. He clearly had no intention of dating Misao.

 played Misao and Otome

 He played Misao not Otome.

 [SPOILER] let Otome die[/SPOILER]

 I want you to think about this for a moment. He’s an ordinary teen boy, with all the faults of an ordinary teen boy, he’s not brave and has no special powers. What would you do in that situation? If he hadn’t run away they both would’ve died, and I know there’s a romantic notion about saving your significant other but there’s no denying that in a real life or death situation it might not be your first thought. Your first thought would be saving yourself. Otome was his girlfriend but they weren’t soulmates or a married couple. He probably valued his own life more than hers, and I don’t know how many people would’ve reacted differently. 

 flirted with Aki, Misao, Otome, and Library

 He’s a flirt. That’s just his thing. He is just that kind of guy, and he’s a dumb teenage boy overflowing with hormones so it only makes sense. 

 In the end, Tohma is an asshole for sure. He’s an idiot and he’s naive and immature.. but so are many teen boys. In fact, I have to give the guy a lot of credit for realizing he was at fault in the end. Sure, he always remained a coward and he still did some horrible things but in the end he apologized to Misao and really didn’t mean the harm she got. He never let a classmate rape the girl, he never killed her, he never beat her. Of all of her bullies his was probably the least horrific and he felt bad about doing it after seeing all she went through. In the end, he didn’t help her and he certainly hurt her but he’s the least of the evils here.

In defense of Rigby

Well this is the first time I’m ever doing this and I never thought I would be defending this guy.

Reasons for being hated w/Defense

  • Selfish

Well he isn’t always selfish, he does have his selfless moments, such as saving his friends, helping Mordecai on his dates life more often, etc.

  • Annoying voice

Okay, I find his voice annoying but come on, that’s a dumb reason hate somebody. Just because someone has an annoying voice doesn’t make them a bad person.

  • A “jerk” to his friends and co-workers

Again not always. He does have his moments of kindness and he truly does care for Mordecai. And besides when was the last time he was mean to his co-workers (with the exception of Benson and Skips).

  • A “Bad Friend” to Mordecai who ruined his dates on numerous occasions

Um isn’t “numerous occasions” a bit of an overstatement? I mean those ”numerous occasions” were only in two episodes (in one of the episodes Mordecai kinda brought it upon himself). Anyway Rigby stopped doing that a long time ago. Now he helps out Mordecai with his dates instead of interfering with them.

  • Doesn’t return or reciprocate Eileen’s feelings for him

I swear, this is all about the shipping. So what if Rigby doesn’t share the same feeling for Eileen? Besides he doesn’t have to love her. And to be fair they are friends for now, just not a romantic couple. Plus he did think that Eileen looked hot without her glasses on, and what’s wrong about wanting to start off as friends?

In conclusion, I can’t deny that Rigby is a bad person and has done horrible things in the past, but at the same time he can make up for his bad deeds, which can qualify him as a “jerk with a heart of gold”, which also adds to character development. So basically, Rigby isn’t such a bad guy.

(PS:This is my first time doing this so I’m sorry if I was so redundant in the defense or didn’t touch up on certain aspects. Please leave a tip on how I can become a better as a defender)

jadebutterflystuff-deactivated2 said: Did you delete the Astrid/Camicazi one or am I not seeing it?

Astrid is on here but Camicazi hasn’t been submitted yet.

In Defense of Benevolence (Sort Of)


Before I start, let me just say I don’t really like any Shu character. But, out almost any character in Shu, Jiang Wei has the BEST characterization. Anyway, let’s begin.

For using the word “benevolence” too often: That’s not a “Jiang Wei” problem. That’s a Shu problem. EVERYONE in Shu uses the word benevolence too much. I would argue that Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang use the word more than he does. Besides, benevolence is the word of the game. Much like how virtue was in pre-DW7.

hot blooded: Why isn’t Ma Chao here? Why isn’t Zhang Fei here? Jiang Wei is probably the only Shu character whose anger can be justified. First, his allies have been tricked into thinking he was a traitor despite him doing everything in his power to strive off the invaders. He made a promise to Zhuge Liang to create a land of benevolence but is constantly being thwarted by the “evil” Later Wei/Jin. The man can just never seem to get his way. And when he does it’s like: image

Because it wasn’t all that significant.

caused the downfall of Shu: No one person caused the downfall of Shu. A lot of things caused the downfall of Shu. It can be argued that Jiang Wei was one of the main reasons for the downfall, but he’s not even close to the ONLY reason for the downfall. You can probably predict the downfall of Shu going back to Zhuge Liang’s Northern campaigns draining the resources of the country. 

his voice (especially in DW4/7/8): Jiang Wei is being portrayed a certain way. He is obsessed with fulfilling the wishes of Zhuge Liang. He is obsessed with this land of benevolence. He will go to any lengths to make sure it happens. As much as I liked Joshua Seth (the DW5 voice actor), his voice is too calm for the current portrayal of Jiang Wei.

his outfits look hideous: too subjective for me to care enough,

doesn’t do anything (earlier games)/too much spotlight (newer games): Pre-DW7 ended the story at 234 with the Wu Zhang Plains. Jiang Wei joined Shu in around 228, after the battle of Tian Shui. That means Jiang Wei would be involved in six years worth of major Shu battles. Essentially that would be: the Battle of Tian Shui, Battle of Jieting, Battle of Chencang, Battle of Baidi Castle (which actually never happened and only appeared in one game), and, of course, the Wu Zhang Plains. So yeah, Jiang Wei DOESN’T get a lot of attention in the earlier, but it’s understandable. Hell, it’s understandable why he gets a lot of attention in the current games. The story now goes on to 263, when Liu Shan surrenders Shu. After a decade or more of peace time, Shu, led by Jiang Wei, invades Wei again. Jiang Wei does A LOT of invasions of Wei. I mean, a lot. He pretty much leads EVERY Shu invasion of Wei post-Wu Zhang. And the entire Jin storyline revolves around their fight with each other, those two battle with Wu, and Shu. So yeah, he deserves the spotlight. The only Shu character who, arguably, gets too much spotlight is Zhao Yun.

Zhuge Liang fanboy: Again, this is not specific to Jiang Wei. EVERYONE in Shu (with the exception of Wei Yan and allegedly Fa Zheng) is a Zhuge Liang fanboy. Hell, Xu Shu goes on and on to Liu Bei about how he’s not a worthy strategist and Zhuge Liang is. Shu has been nothing but Zhuge Liang fanboys since the man debut to the series. 

  • Character: Akio Ohtori (Movie)
  • Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Reason for Being Hated: Cowardly, less “cool” than series!Akio, whiny voice, and [SPOILERS+TW], most importantly, rapes then stabs his sister before panicking about a symbolic key and falling out a window.[/SPOILER]
  • Character: Robin
  • Fandom: Teen TItans Go!
  • Reason for Being Hated: Personality from original Teen Titans series was butchered, shown as the weakest Titan (despite being able to take down all of the other Titans in original show), egotistical, has a superiority complex.