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Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate

This is my second time defending a character, my first being the Defense of John Rolfe. This is going to be a fairly text and image heavy post, so without further-a due, let’s get started.
Reason for Being Hated:
Slutty, having big boobs, being too revealing by Zelda standards
Being too out of place
Gets in the way of ZeLink and MidLink
The romance/jealously subplot involving her is too stupid by Zelda standards.
Oh where to begin … let us go in order shall we?
Slutty, having big boobs, being too revealing by Zelda standards


“Why hello there…

…let me be the first to say…

…welcome to the “Legend of Zelda” fandom…

…because it is obvious …

…that you’re new!”

Really, scantly clad female characters with curvy figures and exposed chest’s are nothing new to the Legend of Zelda. It was something introduced in Ocarina of Time and has been with us ever since.
We’ve had:• Busty females in exposing outfits (The entirety of the Gerudo in OoT and MM, )• Completely/Practically naked females (Ruto and Great Fairy in OoT, Imp Midna &Rutela in TP)• Topless females (Human Midna and the Great Fairy in TP)• Females in ‘normal’ clothes that are designed in a way that easily leaves nothing to the imagination (like Ashei, Iza, Fanadi, Telma, and Zelda from TP. As well as Din, Impa, Nayru in OoS)
These are things that have been part of the Legend of Zelda series since 1998, and its something thats going to keep happening regardless of weather you want it to or not.
Being too out of place
How exactly is she out of place? No, really, I do not understand this at all. characters designs constantly change between different installments in the series. Just look at the images I posted before, thats proof in-an-of-itself that the series is constantly undergoing design changes, both in terms of graphical design and character design. This being a reason for hating Cia is utter bullocks, and really doesn’t even deserve being dignified with a response, but I have too due to how this defending thing works. This is a BS reason to hate Cia as it holds no actual grounds within reason.
Gets in the way of ZeLink and MidLink
Again another utter BS reason. Hating a character just because they get in the way of your Fan-Paring/O.T.P./Ship is just stupid! The fact that you feel yours being threatened by the inclusion of a single new female character is just utterly stupid. I mean I my self am not a fan of the idea of CiaLink, but you know what, I can easily ignore it and focus on my prefered Link Fan Paring, GanLink, just fine.

(Look at dem fuckers snuggle! Do you really think the idea CiaLink would make me like this any less? YOU’D BE WRONG!)

Picture by Crazedg on DeviantArt. (x)

I like Cia just fine, and she’s easy for me to ignore in terms of parings are concerned. If I can do it, then you should be able to too.
The romance/jealously subplot involving her is too stupid by Zelda standards.
Thats the thing tho, The Legend of Zelda series has NEVER had a Love Triangle in the series before. For a game series centered around themes of Three (The Triforce and the Three Goddesses for example), the concept of a Love Triangle is completely new to the series. It’s unexplored territory in terms of story telling in the Zelda franchise.
Are typical Zelda fans really THAT afraid of change? If so, I fear for y’all’s mental stability since Aonuma has already said in an interview that after working on Hyrule Warriors, he realizes that in order for the series to progress, more changes are needed than he thought before. Some of these changes being applied to the new Zelda U title that is still in development. Hyrule Warriors has, effectively, changed how Eiji aonuma looks at the Zelda franchise, and all future games are going to reflect that.

This is my second time defending a character, my first being the Defense of John Rolfe. This is going to be a fairly text and image heavy post, so without further-a due, let’s get started.

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The Great Witch stands accused! Defence of Beato/Beatrice

Fandom, I think you and I need to have a little chat.


And by that I mean I’m going to have to erect a trial in the Great Court to befuddle these amazing dark-witch lies that you’ve spun to slander this golden princess. Swords of truth at the ready. Huge spoilers herein, so mind where you tread.

There will also be triggering content, that of rape/incest/paedophilia mention (but that’s due to the fact she’s.. accused of it rather than it being legit content).

So, here we go.

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In Defense of Frank Grimes

I must say that I’m a bit surprised that Frank Grimes from the Simpsons episode “Homer’s Enemy” is on here, and I figured I’ll make a defense.

Envious of Homer’s success, too critical of Homer’s character, is rude to Homer even when Homer tries to be nice, is too quick to make judgement, tries to ruin Homer’s reputation, scoffs at Homer’s attempts to change for the better

These can all have the same type of defense. In the episode, it is shown that, ever since childhood, Frank has struggled through life (including being abandoned by his parents and being blown up in a silo explosion). In his own words, Frank has had to work hard every day of his life, and all he has to show for it is a briefcase and his haircut. In contrast, Homer has had pretty much everything in life handed to him, despite being stupid and irresponsible at his job. I can see why he would be envious of Homer. Also, there’s a scene where Frank gets in trouble with Mr. Burns for something that Homer was responsible for. I’d say that most of Frank’s anger towards Homer is justified (not to mention that Homer didn’t start to try and change until after Frank told him that they’re now enemies).

Anonymous said: I just wanted to quickly say something about Nitori from Free!. For people who hate him because he supposedly has no life outside of Rin, now that Season 2 of Free! is airing you get the chance to see Nitori having his own goals, facing his own conflicts and his relationships with other characters.

In defense of Beatrice Ushiromiya/Sayo Yasuda

From the inbox:

“Complete monster who’s a possessive yandere”- Yasu is dealing with some pretty fucked up things in her life, she’s the product of incest, at a young age she and a servant fell off a cliff and something happened to her genetalia causing her to be unable to have children, she lived in an orphanage for a while, was passed off as being 6 years old when she was 9 as she was brought back to the island to work as a servant, they had to mask her age and gender (yea that’s right guys, Yasu is a dude who lost his dick…fun fact) so that kinzo wouldn’t realize it was his child/grandchild and have more relations with his offspring. She’s depressed she doesn’t want to live, she has a personality disorder it just so happens one of them turned out to be violent. She’s sort of possessive with battler but that’s only because he screwed over Shannon’s side of emotions and her Beatrice side took them on so Shannon could find happiness. BUT: Yasu is not the one killing everyone, her plan was to take out herself, someone else there turned it against her.

“Her relationship with Maria is creepy and pedophilac”: HOW? How? She’s 19, Maria is her cousin technically, Maria is the only one who really sees her as Beatrice when she goes to family things. They’re not even doing anything sexual, she’s teaching her magic, or her idea of magic.

“She torments Rosa”: if you’re referring to the scene where she helps Maria distort and twist Rosa’s body, that is an illusion, that doesn’t happen, rosa only gets murdered. You have to look at it without magic in your explanation to realize that that’s just being imagined, that’s not her actually torturing rosa. But if you look at it with magic, it’s only Beatrice helping Maria torture her mother for all the things she’s done to her. Anytime Beatrice tormented rosa was for Maria’s sake. If you’re referring to when Beatrice fell and died when rosa helped her escape from the other mansion then…I hate to break it to you but that’s yasu’s mother not Yasu herself…

“She led George and Jessica on when she didn’t really love them”: that’s the thing friend, she did love them. Or at least Shannon and Kanon do. Shannon, once free of her feelings for Battler, fell madly in love with George. Who loved her very much too. Shannon was more than thrilled to possibly marry George. But Shannon was nervous because even though she loved George, she couldn’t give him children, which is what he wanted. Any uncertainty, every wavering moment she has over him, is that she cannot have sex with the body she has. As for Kanon, he does also have feelings for Jessica, his issue is that he is fed up with life, he no longer gives a fuck, he is a cynical little shit he doesn’t see himself as a person, he is just furniture, he cannot be with her. But he wants to be, he wants to love her with every fiber of his being, but he can’t, because he’s not worthy, he’s not human.

“She’s incestuous”: um…you do realize that kinzo raped his own child to bring Yasu into existence…incest kind of runs in the family…also in game 7 as lion, she/he’s not incestuous and actually goes for someone outside the family…so…also to be fair she didn’t know she was related to any of them when she first fell in love with Battler…

“Mary Sue with mpd”: she’s hardly a Mary Sue in a world where on the magic side a lot of people can do it, and on the magic-less side, at least for the one timeline where she isn’t rejected by natushi and is raised as their oldest child Lion Ushiromiya, Lion is the son of the next in line to be head of them family, which would make him head of the family after that, it is his birthright, there isn’t really a way for Yasu to be a Mary Sue.

“Christ allegory”: I actually don’t see that…she’s not some sort of chosen one or great savior and when she dies everyone’s suffering ends. When she dies Ange grows up an orphan raised by her aunt Eva, before the incident she loves Eva, after though she thinks hating her will bring her family back. Eva herself despises ange for not being anything like George, battler also survives but completely loses his memories, or sort of, he retains them but doesn’t see it as him, he sees them as memories owned by another person somehow living in his head. Yasu/Beatrice is no Christ, she saves no one, the only way I can even connect it to Jesus is by thinking of the few things from the bible included in this, and even then it doesn’t make sense.

— kbunny10

Defense of the Golden Witch

Okay, so here we have a very major character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Beatrice the Golden Witch.

Almost all the complaints border/completely leap onto spoiler territory, so rebuttals are going to be put under the cut.

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Defense of Blaziken


  • Character: Blaziken
  • Fandom: Pokémon
  • Reason for Being Hated: “Broken”, received a Mega Evolution before the other Hoenn starters, “didn’t need a Mega Evolution”, started the “Fire/Fighting” trend with the starters that lasted until Gen 6.

Blaziken’s a personal favorite so let’s get to it;

"Broken"; I don’t play competitive so I’m not entirely sure what’s meant by this but I imagine it has to do with how overpowered Blaziken can be and possibly how unpredictable a set is. That’s not the fault of Blaziken but the creators and it doesn’t have too much to do with how others play the game outside competition between players. All I can say on this is don’t play with it and don’t battle those who do if you’re so upset by it.

Mega before the other Hoenn Starters; I’m 90% sure that Mega Blaziken was the “real hint” towards Hoenn’s confirmation. Torchic’s distribution and Mega Blaziken’s reveal was supposed to hype players for Hoenn and give them a taste of what gen 6 Hoenn could be like. It’s a marketing strategy, not some intentional slap in the face or anything. Besides, Mega Blaziken was only announced before the others, I’m 99% sure Mega Sceptile and Swampert were already ‘a thing’ before and during Mega Blaziken’s release.

"Didn’t need a Mega"; That may be. Blaziken is super strong even without the boost it gets from mega evolution, but so what? It might not’ve needed the boost but neither did something like Gengar or Mewtwo. Besides it’s looking more and more like every starter is getting Megas so it had to happen eventually or folks would whine about it not getting a Mega. Again, since this is Pokemon, if you don’t like it don’t use it! 

"Fire/Fighting Trend"; I will admit that all the fire/fighting types got irritating after a while and I’d love to know the reasoning behind it from someone who was there when they decided to make it a trend. That doesn’t make it Blaziken’s fault and no fire/fighting types should get hate because someone in charge decided to forego more creative type choices like we got in Gen 6 or even Gen 4. Something like this makes it seem like folks are blaming the trend on Blaziken, which is silly, and again since this is Pokemon, if you don’t like it don’t use it. Or other fire/fighting types if that’s your issue.

Speaking personally about Blaziken’s strength though I can say that a lot of younger players might find a great partner in such an OP Pokemon and find it more fun to steamroll everything that comes their way. It’s not a bad thing for a Pokemon to be so strong or to get so powerful with a Mega it might not’ve “needed”.

Beatrice Ushiromiya/Sayo Yasuda (The bravest woman that I know.)

Okay so let’s state why people outside of the fandom hate on Beatrice Ushiromiya. 

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  • Character: Scarlett O’Hara
  • Fandom: Gone with the Wind
  • Reason for Being Hated: Selfish, shallow, spoiled, uses men, manipulative, beats innocent servants, headstrong, lacks good principles, has very few redeeming qualities, is infuriating enough to make any guy say “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”
  • Character: Buck Cluck
  • Fandom: Chicken Little
  • Reason for Being Hated: Terrible father, actively tries to distance himself from his son, cares more about his reputation than his son’s safety/well-being, has a big ego, is a hypocrite, does not believe Chicken Little when he really needs it, has a stupid design, and was it mentioned already that he’s one of the worst fathers in animation history?
  • Character: Frank Grimes
  • Fandom: The Simpsons
  • Reason for Being Hated: Envious of Homer’s success, too critical of Homer’s character, is rude to Homer even when Homer tries to be nice, is too quick to make judgement, tries to ruin Homer’s reputation, sleeps with a lot of hookers, scoffs at Homer’s attempts to change for the better, the fact that the writers made him overly sympathetic.
  • Character: Willie Scott
  • Fandom: Indiana Jones
  • Reason for Being Hated: Annoying, screams too much, too much of a girly-girl, spoiled, doesn’t really help Indy that much, insensitive to other cultures, can’t fight for herself, not as awesome as Marion, was only in the movie because Steven Spielberg was dating Kate Capshaw at the time.
  • Character: Beatrice Ushiromiya/Sayo Yasuda
  • Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
  • Reason for Being Hated: Complete monster who’s a possessive yandere, her relationship with Maria is creepy and pedophilic, she torments Rosa, she led George and Jessica on when she didn’t really love them, she’s incestuous, Mary Sue with MPD, Christ allegory.
  • Character: Walter White Jr./Flynn
  • Fandom: Breaking Bad
  • Reason for Being Hated: Flat character compared to most of the other characters, doesn’t serve much of a purpose, keeps talking about breakfast, doesn’t interact with any of the characters except for his family members, is sometimes disrespectful to his parents.
  • Character: Sousuke Yamazaki
  • Fandom: Free! Eternal Summer
  • Reason for Being Hated: Is possesive of Rin, gets in the way of RinHaru, yandere like personality, his life revolves around Rin, “is trying to force Rin and his friends apart”, his design is a copypaste of Makoto.