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Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate

  • Character: Sora Shiunin
  • Fandom: Yugioh Arc-V
  • Reason for Being Hated: Mysterious, creepy, weird, smartypants, came out of nowhere, stalks and annoys Yuya, has an evil grin on his face, believed to be evil and speculated to betray Yuya’s friends just like what Rei Shingetsu/Vector did in Yugioh Zexal.

In Defense of Urgot

Strange how it seems like people can not actually analyze a character well when playing them, anyway, here is my opinion on Urgot: The Headsman’s Pride 

Is accused of being ugly, fat, - well yes? league of legends is about powerful champions from across a magical world fighting each other to put it simply. Do all of them have to look beautiful or athletic? i would say this genre has quite enough room for monstrous abominations, saying you don’t like him because of that is like saying you don’t like zombie movies because too many of the zombies were far too undead

has 0.1% usage, lowest win rate in the game+ kit doesn’t work for an ADC  - Again this goes back to analysis of the characters form a player perspective and well, a logical perspective. No his kit ins’t suited for an adc, do you know what it is suited for? top lane as a bruiser; if played right he counters enemies like shyvana hard. he is based around zoning and pure dmage early game and any solo lane allows him to do this well when there isnt a support to help attack him. his late game damage if fed is amazing. 

 useless ultimate - again, not really. if you are in a duo lane, sure but that not the logical point of it. if you read the description:

:Urgot targets an enemy champion and channels for 1 second, suppressing the target for the duration. If the channel completes, Urgot and the target will swap positions and the target will be slowed by 40% for 3 seconds.

Urgot also gains bonus armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds, starting from the beginning of the channel time  ”

so yeah it slows an enemy and gives him up to 120 armor and magic resist. in a solo lane that’s a very, very large advantage if played well and can be used to punish a enemy laner that over extends to quite a large degree. late game it can also simply be used to ensure a kill if absolutely any enemy is out of position. 

doesn’t work for an ADC role the game makes him out to be - a lot of characters are not always played or are even best at what there roles are said to be. Examples: Gangplank is labeled as a support for his secondary role yet is rarely ever used as one, Karthus being used in jungle (referenced in his newest update video by the way), or Mage Tristana. 

Doesn’t work as any other role - can be used top, mid and jungle (but is best at top lane)

Slow - buy boots? not all characters can be miss fortune or janna 

overshadowed by better champs - that is mostly opinion, he is simply harder than a lot of champions to play as he relies on skill shots. that ins’t being overshadowed. he has the stats to be good he just inst as easy as many others. 

In defence of Kagura, ToQ-5

Yes! It’s time for me to step in and defend Kagura. Wait behind the white line, don’t forget your suitcases, and please buy stuff from the overpriced buffet cart. Here goes:

"Annoying" - That means nothing more than “I don’t like this character.” Which is fine and dandy, but doesn’t mean that no one else is allowed to like her.

Ditzy - Yes, she’s silly (and Right, the main hero, is even more silly - in this show, it’s not a bad thing.) She is not a mindless airhead. Kagura is very aware that she isn’t as skilled a warrior as the others, so she works to develop her skills and become stronger. She demonstrates intelligence and creativity in finding ways to get around her weaknesses in battle. She has the strongest Imagination, the most important power in the world of the show, of anyone on the team. Plus, all the ToQgers have their “ditzy” moments because of the show’s comedy - even Hikari (who, by the way, is close with Kagura and acknowledges her abilities.) 

Girly - I’m glad you noticed she is a girl; and what’s wrong with that? In the show, it doesn’t limit her to anything. The Norikae Changes are a positive step forward for Sentai in allowing everyone to use the same weapons and suits, regardless of gender. Although she looks like the “girly” one, Kagura’s focus episodes so far have been based around her proving she’s stronger than her enemies think. Her femininity is a source of strength, not weakness - look at her “imagine spots” in battle, which are reminiscent of a magical girl show. She’s written to have certain qualities that a lot of children in the audience, especially young girls, will identify with (such as loneliness and lack of self-esteem.) If her example brings a real child hope, isn’t that a positive thing?

The show tries too hard to sell her as cute - I don’t really understand this? The whole show is dripping with cute. “Cute” female characters are often very popular with Sentai fans: Candelira, Mele, DekaPink and BoukenYellow to name but a few. What’s so awful about Kagura compared to them? I suspect this one comes down to people not finding her attractive, which has nothing to do with her as a character (more on that one later.)

"Generic Pink Ranger" - Kagura isn’t really similar to any other Pink Ranger in recent years. There’s no such thing as a “generic Pink Ranger”. Sentai has at least three or four common stock character types that it likes to re-use for Pinks, and each writer, actress and production team will put their own spin on those. There is a fan stereotype of Pinks being cute, perky and not too bright, but out of 38 series there are not actually that many Pink Rangers who fit that description. And like all stereotypes, it’s hugely generalising. MagiPink and Pink Racer are examples of characters who might be lumped in with Kagura under that definition, and yet the three of them are not really alike. 

Too young - Her actress is 16, which is about the usual age of female idols who’ll audition for Sentai or Kamen Rider as a way to raise their profiles. Younger actors have played Sentai heroes before. In context of the story, the main five ToQgers are the same age; Kagura just looks younger (which might be a plot point later on.) The ToQgers are deliberately written to be childlike, to the point of some fans treating it as canon that they’ll be revealed to still be children somehow. So why is it a big deal to have young teenage actors in the cast?

Complaints that the actress is ugly - If Ai Moritaka is so hideous, I wonder why she is a successful gravure model? Even if she looked like Quasimodo, it would have absolutely nothing to do with Kagura. The character isn’t Helen of Troy or Edward Cullen who would call for a stunning actor. Really, this says more about what some people watch Sentai for (hint: it’s not the battles) than it does about Kagura. 

A Defense for Skyler White

I have to say that I’m not surprised that Skyler White is on here, and it’s time for a defense.

Being Annoying, whiny, and a bitch

Yeah, because Skyler hating the fact that their husband is a meth manufacturer who has killed dozens of people and risks putting their family in danger totally makes her a bitch, doesn’t it? For reference, Walter constantly lied to her throughout the series, and his actions throughout the series caused her family to fall apart. By the end of the series, [Spoiler]she and her two kids had to relocate from a nice house to an apartment condo, and Hank Schrader (Walt and Skyler’s brother-in-law) was killed, which was blamed on Walt (note: Walt didn’t kill him himself, but he was indirectly responsible for it).[/Spoiler] The way I see it, her anger towards Walt is justified.

Cheating on Walter

Okay, I’ll admit, committing adultery is a shitty thing to do, but compared to almost every other crime committed in the show, it pales in comparison. This is a show where crimes have included drug dealers and manufacturers killing other drug dealers (usually by shooting, though in one case, by poison), killing innocent bystanders who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a group of Neo-Nazis who turn Jesse Pinkman into their own slave.

As for Walter, at the time of Skyler committing the affair, his crimes included keeping a drug dealer locked up in Jesse’s basement and watching Jesse’s girlfriend, Jane, die by letting her choking on her own vomit while she was sleeping. Later on in the series, after being hired by Gus Fring, Walter’s crimes have included ordering Jesse to kill Gale (an employee of Gus who was basically an innocent bystander in all this) to ensure their survival, ordering the killing of 10 of Gus’ employees who were in jail after Gus’ death, and poisoning a child and blaming it on Gus to get Jesse back on his side. Yet, I never see anyone object to these crimes as much as anything Skyler has done.

Anna Gunn, the actress who plays Skyler, has also noticed the hypocrisy towards most of the hate towards her, and even wrote an article about it.

In defense of Augustus (Gus) Waters


I absolutely had to come to the defense of Augustus Waters, and I absolutely know that my words won’t do him justice. 

Just as the movie didn’t do the book-Gus justice.

Flat: I’m not going to point fingers here, but again, there’s a difference in reading the book and watching the movie. I’ve seen the movie two times, and I’ll admit they leave out quite a bit of back-story and some important information on Gus. I also have to argue that Gus does change quite a bit throughout the book, and it is apparent in the way that Hazel addresses him, which John Green mentions briefly in the special edition Q&A. In the beginning Augustus likes to call Hazel by her full name (Hazel Grace) while Hazel specifically sticks to calling him Augustus. This is because, in the beginning Gus is a strong independent character, capable of accomplishing things on his own and thinking on his own.

Constantly throughout the book, Gus addresses being forgotten after his death. He wants to do something great, something people will remember him for. Perhaps that has resulted in him gathering this ‘flat’ image. The fact that he says so, to me, makes him less flat than had he not specified. 

Pretentious? That’s a bit vague, more often than not he is a very confident character, but I fail to see how that constitutes for being pretentious.  

On the subject of the metaphor, it’s an interesting character trait and in my opinion, a pretty cool character quirk. So what he buys a pack of cigarettes to not smoke them? He even says that he rarely buys them, only when he needs a new pack which is only close to a year. I don’t really think it’s that important. It also adds to the story and provides Augustus an interesting, somewhat mysterious, and goofy personality. Making him all the more lovable. It’s kind of like biting nails for him, as an example the scene on the plane. We see a very nervous Augustus stick a cigarette in his mouth, obviously trying to calm down. Continuing on…

I don’t consider Augustus to be that much of a ‘dream’ guy. A dream guy is someone who sweeps you off your feet and live happily ever after. Augusts kinds of knocks you out and drowns you in your own pool of tears.

And finally an insert of John Green himself: 

If you’ve ever picked up another book of John Green’s you can immediately notice quirks in the things he likes to write. Also, every author inserts a bit of him/herself in their books, it’s kind of normal. Writing is almost a form of art itself, why not let the artist do as they will? It’s just up to the reader to interpret it how they see fit. 


Anonymous said: Does this blog have an entry for Skyler White from Breaking Bad? If she does, I might make a defense for her.

Yep, she does.

In defense of Hit-Girl

When I saw Hit-Girl on this blog I wasn’t surprised at all. But that doesn’t mean that the haters are right and I’m here to tell you why Mindy/Hit-Girl is absolutely awesome and the listed reasons to hate her are invalid. If you still don’t like her afterwards, that’s your thing. Opinions on characters differ noone can like everything.

“Unrealistic” character

…oh boy. Really? Excuse me but have any of you seen/read Kick-Ass? That whole franchise is unrealistic as hell. I mean a jetpack with machine guns? Do you really wanna talk about realism here? But okay, let’s dive straight into this. Mindy was brainwashed and indoctrinated by her father. That’s not unrealistic at all. It happens every day. You probably think and belive in a bunch of stuff only because your parents did and taught it to you. Granted Mindy’s father was pretty crazy and basically turned her into a living killing machine. But is that her fault? No, of course not. What we see in the movies could very well happen. I mean child soldiers are a thing and they are effective, so why is Mindy “unrealistic”? Because she’s eleven? Because she’s a girl? Because she can take six grown ass men with guns without even breaking sweat? And why does Batman not face the same accusations? I mean he is deemed one of the most relatable characters because he is just a mere human and not a metahuman. And Damon McCready is basically Batman in the Kick-Ass universe. But with Mindy it’s unrealistic. I wonder why that is (it’s sexism. That’s the whole explanation there.)Anyway moving on.

media controversy over her swearing and being “sexualized” in the first movie

We’re talking about the same media that had no problem with all the ultraviolence done by Hit-Girl, but those nasty swear words! We can’t have that! What about the kids? I never really understood all the ridiculous huff about cursing. I mean the movie is rated 16 so you’d expect a bunch of swear words. And if you’re pissing yourself because they were delivered by a eleven year old girl please note that Chloë Moretz the actress who portrayed Hit-Girl didn’t even dare to utter the name of the movie in interviews, because she was so ashamed of saying “ass”. She usually called it “Kick-Butt” or “the movie”. She also said that her mother would ground her ‘til college if she ever dared to say the words she used in the movie at home.

Now to the “sexualisation”. …do we really need to talk about this? A fully clothed eleven year old girl. Seriously she only wears that skirt for shits and giggles (I’m talking about her Hit-Girl costume here). And besides that the only occasion one might think some sexualisation occured is when she dresses up as a school girl to gain access to the building near the climax. But even then the skirt has a normal length and I can’t see any sexyness to it. Maybe people jump to that conclusion because school girl uniforms are a very common kink and are sexualized a lot. But if you see Hit-Girl as a sexy character during the first movie you might wanna reconsider your life choices. Because she is a normaly dressed 11 year old girl.

was too girly and stereotypical teenager in the second movie

Yeah, because her trying to keep her promise and trying to be a normal teenager is inherently bad. And that’s the thing. Marcus only wanted her to try to live a normal life. He never said anything about dressing up. Granted he set her up with Brooke, but that was because she had no real socializing skills to begin with. He wanted her to have a good start in High School. And I’m pretty sure Mindy would’ve said something if she didn’t like dressing up or trying out to be a normal girl. She wanted to be that kind of girl. It was her decision. And being girly is nothing bad. I know it’s hard to understand that since we’re taught very early on that the worst insult for men and women is being girly. But liking pink stuff, wanting to be pretty are all okay. And her storyline might’ve been a little stereotypical (unpopular girl starts hanging with the in-crowd -> girl gains confidence and decent looks -> girl is set up by the in-crowd in a cruel prank -> girl gets even prettier and her revenge), but unlike a lot of teenage high school stories she didn’t get the hot jock (because she didn’t want him to begin with) and her revenge consisted of more than taking the boyfriend away/holding a speach about friendship. Her high school storyline was only a subplot. And she did most of it without help. There was no loser best friend (you cannot count Dave because he wasn’t there for her during that subplot), no fairy godmother/big sister who turned her pretty. She did it on her own. Her choice, her decision. Because the point of that subplot was that Mindy can’t just stop being Hit-Girl, but at the same time Hit-Girl can exist without Mindy. When she enters the cafeteria she is not only dressed up, but she is dressed up in purple. Hit-Girl’s signature color. The sick stick? A handmedown from her father. And it would’ve been easy for her to just punch those bitches to a pulp. But she decided to not do that. Because that’s Hit-girl’s thing. The sick stick? That’s Mindy’s thing.

both her comic and movie incarnations are accused of perpetuating the view that female characters need to be physically tough and aggressive to be strong

When you take a first look at Hit-Girl you might think that this is true. That she is just that: a tough girl who punches hard. But if you look a little closer you realize that Kick-Ass might be the titular character but that the story is actually about Mindy. It’s her dealing with her crazy father. How she deals with his death. How she tries to be normal. And how she realized that she can’t just live a normal life. She shows a lot of strength besides her physical one. Granted most of it only comes up in the second movie. How she trains Dave, even though it must bring up some painful memories. How she doesn’t just kick everybodies asses when they play that prank on her. She’s really hurt by that prank. And realizes that some things cannot be solved with violence. And why does she help Dave avenge his father? Because she finally wanted to kick some ass? No, because she knows exactly what it feels like when your father dies for you. And Dave helped her to get her revenge in the first movie. So now it’s her turn to help him. That’s another thing. What’s her first reaction to the death of her father? Violence and lots of it. But not because she’s a “strong female character”, but because that’s all she ever learned. Got no parking spot? Kick someones ass. Long line at Starbucks? Kick someones ass. Deep emotional trauma? Kick someones ass. And when she is done, when she got her revenge what does she do? Ride into the sunset to kick some more ass? (She does that in the second movie, but damn is it awesome!) No, she shares her secret identity with Dave. Because she has literally noone. And that thought scares her. So she tells Dave and shows him how much she trusts him. So even in the first movie Hit-Girl/Mindy is more than a punching female lampshade. And at the end of the second movie she realizes that she might have some feelings for Dave and even admits them. What she would’ve never done in the beginning (“ugh feelings! They’re giiiiiirly!”). And why dies she leave in the end? Because her actions have consequences. For her, for Dave, for Marcus. She leaves because she cares about them.

That is some kick-ass character developement so please take your fucking sexism away from Hit-Girl! Because if she hears you she’ll castrate you!

Anonymous said: It does seem pretty sad that, for the most part, negative characteristics in a female character is seen as less forgivable than negative characteristics in a male character.

Yeah, and it’s especially sad when those female characters get the most criticism from female fans.

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mrs-steven-stone said: Wow, it's sad how a vast majority of the characters on here are female, I mean hating on a character just because they have a vagina is beyond stupid imo.

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In Defense of Fiora, the Grand Duelist

Once more I am to defend a character. Today, I’ll defend a champion that, when released, was kicking butt left and right. This is the defense of Fiora Laurent, the Grand Duelist.


Crappy set of skills: Fiora’s skill set, I’ll admit, does not have anything that the Meta game seems to value in a top laner: no Crowd Control, no escape, and no burst. However, does that make her crappy? That depends on how you play her. Fiora’s kit revolves around dueling and outclassing her opponents. With her passive, she can regenerate her health over time. With her Q she can lunge and engage at an enemy, twice, while dealing some damage. Her W does two things: passively increase her Attack Damage, while when activated she counters one enemy attack. Her E increases her attack speed, and her Ultimate deals damage while leaving her untargetable. 

Fiora is all about dueling enemy champs and killing them in one on one fights. How effective her kit is depends not just on who she duels, it depends on how you build her as well. With Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, combined with her E, she will decimate any enemy champion. Her basic strategy is: Lunge at her opponent, activate E, kill. Fiora is very auto attack oriented, and with her kit, she can counter champs like Garen, Tryndamere, among others.

Useless early game: Fiora early game is a nightmare if you know what you’re doing. With AD quints and Marks, you can give her about 15 bonus AD. By putting points into the right masteries, that bonus AD becomes 19-20 bonus AD, meaning she starts off with 78 AD. If you pick her W first, she starts off with 93 AD instead. you read that right, a total of 34 bonus AD with no items purchased yet. If she starts with her W, she starts with a total of 108 AD. And she counters one attack. Depending on you who you are up against, this will give you the edge. If you’re up against a Nasus or a Tryndamere, you’ll counter them. Hard. At level 2, Fiora lunges at her enemy and hits them with an auto attack that deals about 111 damage, minus whatever damage is mitigated by the enemy’s armor. EVERY marksman in the game wishes they had THAT much AD at level 2. Guys like Olaf, Tryndamere, Master Yi, Nasus, they are gone if they go up against Fiora. Useless early game? Think again.

Useless if not fed: Alright, I’ll admit, her kit demands rather expensive items. Her best items are Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, so that’s about 6600 gold total. To achieve this, she’ll need a total of 7 kills and 125 CS by the 20 minute mark. However, there are plenty of other items that work well with her too: Youmuu’s Ghostblade, for example, or Black Cleaver, Ravenous Hydra, etc. It is up to the player to determine how to be useful in the late game without being fed.

Furthermore, the argument “useless if not fed” can apply to tons of champions: Nasus, any Marksman, any APC, Darius, Shaco, the list goes on. There are many, many reasons that a champion won’t get fed, but they all boil down to two reasons: either the opposing team was too skilled to feed, or the player controlling Fiora was not skilled enough to use her.

Grating Accent: This is the single hardest thing to defend. No one else in LoL has that accent, which raises questions in regards to its origins. (I think she fakes it) That said, it IS possible to mute her so you won’t have to listen to her voice. Did anyone who hates her voice even try that? You just gotta open the menu, lower the Voice option, and voila. No more irritating voice.

Attitude: Well, I’m sorry not everyone in the game can have such sunny and positive attitudes, like Lux or Zac, or have awesome egos like Jax or Draaaaaaaaven. The thing about League of Legends is that every last one of it’s champions is a truly unique individual, with a WIDE array of personalities. And it is inevitable that some of them would have personalities that would rub people the wrong way. Let’s be honest, there are many champions that have less than admirable personalities. Warwick, for example, is a sadistic monster. Mundo is barbaric. Amumu is a crybaby. Fiora’s attitude is a part of what makes her an individual, and what helps her stand out among the other champions. And, just like in real life, it is not a good attitude to have.

Fanservice skins: Including her default skin, Fiora has a total of four skins. Of those, two of them have Fiora fully clothed, showing no skin whatsoever (default and Royal Guard skins). The other two, Nightraven and Headmistress skins, do have some Fanservice elements, I’ll admit. However, the Headmistress skin is one that was suggested by the LoL player community. Thing is, the Headmistress skin is a Halloween themed skin, a sort of shout out to the “Sexy X” costumes for women one would find in department stores. That skin, therefore, is unavailable for purchase outside of Halloween, meaning of her three year round skins, only ONE has any form of fan service, and it’s just a bit of cleavage. Furthermore, skins are entirely optional: no one is telling you to buy them.

Anonymous said: It's ironic when some people still defend a abusive male character because of their past. In my opinion, no matter how shitty their past. A abusive person is STILL a abusive.

  • Character: Anduin Wrynn
  • Fandom: World of Warcraft
  • Reason for Being Hated: Whiny, annoying, too forgiving to Garrosh despite what he has done. (Note from submitter: THIS CHARACTER IS A @#(*#@*( 14-year old KID. What do you expect? Furthermore he is supposed to grow into this all powerful warrior to help us against Sargeras and the Old Gods and we are NOT giving him a chance to develop because he dosen’t conform to our worldviews. Sorry, really MAD at my fellow fans for this.)

Anonymous said: Those "Hey Arnold" characters were written as abusive, how does someone defend that? Except maybe the drunk bit because alcoholism is a chemical dependency issue, but I'm kind of curious if anyone can/will step up to defend characters purposely written as neglectful parents.

  • Character: Big Bob & Miriam Pataki
  • Fandom: Hey Arnold
  • Reason for Being Hated: Terrible parents, always neglect Helga, show favoritism towards Olga, Big Bob has a big ego & a beeper obsession, Miriam is a drunk, when they do interact with Helga they treat her poorly.
  • Character: Aiden Pearce
  • Fandom: Watch Dogs
  • Reason for Being Hated: Boring, stoic, can’t use melee attacks, not a well developed character, lacking personality, not charismatic, no emotion, spies on his family without their consent, stalker, steals money via hacking due to not having a legal job. [SPOILER] The reason for Lena’s death and now Clara’s death is all his fault.[/SPOILER]