Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate

  • Character: Pokey Minch (Porky Minch)
  • Fandom: Mother (Earthbound)
  • Reason for Being Hated: Fat little kid who backstabs. He’s manipulative and a faker. His family isn’t better, either.

From another submitter: [SPOILER] Killed Hinawa (Lucas’ mother), turned Lucas’ brother into a chimera (Claus), ruined a bunch of peoples lives, created an army that burned down woods, created a city based on pigs and made Lucas fight his own brother to the death, turned animals into chimeras, kidnapped Jeff’s dad, betrayed his best friend, left his little brother alone with the abusive parents [SPOILER], has too many fangirls.

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    LOL this is accurate
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    I actually read a really good fan comic on Starmen.net which takes place years after Earthbound where Picky and Tracy...
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    why does he even have fangirls
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    Exactly! I almost wish he HAD become a party member. You know, like a main one. It would have added kind of a neat...
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    I felt bad for Picky too, he seemed like a nice kid. And hey, at least he tries to help you when he’s a party member.
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    Y asi fue como Joseph y Stockle se spoilearon…
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