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Defense for Yuri Lowell of Tales of Vesperia


Ok, I have played this game BRIEFLY from the library, so I can’t REALLY give off too much, but this has to be the biggest bullshit entry ever! 2 excuses…ONLY! 2! EXCUSES?!? Bloody hell, the MARIO entry was more legit than this, and even THAN I managed to call it out! But…2 EXCUSES for why he is bad…UGH…let’s get this started.






This one is subjective, meaning it changes on which person you ask. Meaning, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CHARACTER AT ALL! Sheesh, are you guys just BORED are wanted to do this because your brain thinks “It’s legit” NO! This excuse is NOT legit because it has NOTHING to DO with him!

Hypocrite (regarding his Vigilantism)-Like I said, I briefly played this game, so I can’t give out TOO much, so I had to do some research on him.

*1 research later*

AH! Found it! Apparently he kills off those who have deserved to die, kind of like Light did with his first 2 victims in Death Note. And apparently, he killed them since he thought it would do good to the others. So basically, he killed to save the rest of the people. Hmm, sounds like something that the police do to people who are holding other people hostage, if not arrest them.

Ok, I can actually SEE if you hate him because of this, but honestly, I am not bothered by it TOO much, since I think he has the right idea, but not the right execution. And besides, he realizes that around the end and tries to stop them from happening again, won’t go into detail on how, just to keep it a surprise for you. And plus, ever heard of character flaws? Everyone has them and it is used to keep them from being a Mary-Sue or a Marty-Stu.

So all in all, in all of the confessions posted here, this one has the weakest batch of excuses. At least TRY to put in 3 or more, and make them do with the CHARACTER HIMSELF and NOT his fandom.

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