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Defending Shirley


Character: Shirley Fenette

Fandom: Code Geass

This one may be trouble for me. When I first finished this anime back in high school, I really couldn’t stand Shirley. But now that I’ve gotten a bit of distance from the show and am not as emotionally invested in it like I used to be (though I still absolutely adore this show) I’ve been able to see the good in the characters I couldn’t stand back then. Idk, either way, I go ahead and start.


I wouldn’t say she’s a naïve character. She seems to just genuinely accept people for who they are as opposed to what they look like. When did being a good person become such a frowned upon thing? She didn’t care that Suzaku was Japanese, and she chose to be one of the first to willing accept him as a friend. I will admit that she tends to be unaware of certain things, but as some one who’s a bit privileged, she was never raised to have to worry about the things that people like Kallen and Suzaku would worry about.


Academically that is far from the truth. It’s stated that she gets the top grades in her class. And let’s not forget that she got those high grades while also being a part of the student council and the swimming team. She may be a bit clumsy, but she’s not stupid.


Hmmm…. I don’t really see that one at all. I don’t really remember her whining at all. If anything, I remember her taking her hardships with a positive attitude. When her father died, she chose to try her best to say optimistic. True, she turned on Lelouch, but she found out that he was partially responsible. Everything was kind of spiraling downward for her. She’s a normal high school student; no one would be able to handle of that…


Fandoms say that about literally every female character, so I highly doubt that this is an actually valid thing. I’ll say that she most certainly is not a Mary- Sue. Some might say it because of the fact that she liked Lelouch. However, she didn’t instantaneously fall in love with him. In fact, she thought he was kind of a rude person who just happened to be handsome. She saw how he treated people and ended up liking Lelouch for the person that he is, flaws and all.


That one’s a bit subjective. I too though she was annoying, but now I wouldn’t say that about her. I think she’s a sweetheart. She genuinely wants everyone to be happy, and sometimes that may come off as too chipper.


Now way… She is the most selfless person in that show! The things she does for others have little to no ulterior motives. Like I said before, she just wants everyone to be happy.

not an “action girl”

So what? Not everyone can be a badass fighter. I believe her role was important. Her character showed that just because you’re not involved in the conflict, doesn’t mean you can’t’ get hurt by it. I think it was a rather smart move on the part of the writers. It showed how the war was a “total war” (a phrase coined in WWI to show that the culture(s) involved in the war were completely affected by it.) Even though Shirley was not a part of the Black Knights or the Britannian military, she was still hurt by the war, even as a privileged Britannian. I think I rambled a bit… but to sum it up, he role as a normal girl was very beneficiary.

Gets in the way of Lelouch/ everyone else

Invalid argument, moving on.

[SPOILER] get killed by Rolo for getting in the way with Lelouch [/SPOILER]

Uhmm… damn guys. You’re going to blame the victim of murder… for getting murdered? Shirley’s death was really sad and kind of messed up. She had no idea what she was getting into and she wasn’t aware of Rolo’s capabilities. She really just wanted to protect Lelouch and all the things that made him happy. Now I absolutely adore Rolo, but I still feel that Shirley didn’t deserve to die… no one deserves to die before their time. Even still, her death was an important plot point. First, it pushed Lelouch and Suzaku to make some very critical decisions. Secon, like I said before; I feel that her death really signified how twisted this war was. Even an innocent Britannian could fall victim to an aspect of the war… idk, over all hating her for being killed is just so rude…

In the end, Shirley was a normal girl. I personally saw a lot of myself in her, and I feel that she was hated because she was so normal with a cast filled with rather irregular people.

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