Fuck Yeah, Controversial Characters!

Loving the Characters that Fandoms Hate

  • Character: Abbey Bominable
  • Fandom: Monster High
  • Reason for Being Hated: Mainly hated by Lagoona and Spectra fans because she ‘replaced’ Lagoona, and stole the spotlight from Spectra, who debuted at the same time as her. Also hated for being ‘too strong’ and ‘emasculating’ Heath. (Just as a note, Lagoona actually has the forth highest number of dolls and the most fashion packs out of all characters, along with big parts in all the specials/movies, so she’s actually doing way better then Abbey.)
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    Abbey has cute little TUSKS instead of cute little fangs how can you possibly hate her
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    But Abbey is cool
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    … Ohkay. > Replaced Lagoona and Spectra Let’s be real, how interesting are they? Lagoona has some boyfriend’s parents...
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